What if homosexual men paid Chris for sex on camera chris receives anal -


Hello. We all know Chris desperately needs more money. He is poor and when his tugboat comes on every month he very quickly wastes all of it on toys and then needs more money for bills etc because he just wasted his tugboat. He is constantly begging for money etc, and he is too lazy to even make money in a lazy way by drawing more comics. He could probably make money online writing comics but if anything sounds like work then he hates doing it. Sonichu used to be drawn for fun but when it started making him money it became work so he stopped.

The whole Sockness thing, where Chris Chan seems open to the idea of allowing Sockness to slam his penis into the anus of chris Chan for the sake of the merge, it gave me an idea. If Chris Chan is actually considering the idea of allowing a man to slam his penis into his anus for the merge, why not make some money off the idea as well?

Homosexual men could come to chris house and pay him money to make porn videos. Videos of Chris Chan anus being penetrated by men who are homosexual. People on the kiwifarms get to have their sick laughs, christorians get more content to document, and Chris gets some money in his pocket. Everyone wins. And we all know how sick and sexually devious most homosexual men are. They say things like, “anus is anus” and they do anything to ejaculate into an anus.

Everyone wins. It will be funny as hell, and it’s not like chris Chan is being taken advantage of if he willingly accepts the money in exchange for making the sex tapes. It is not against the law to make sex tapes. Otherwise porn stars and porn videos would be illegal in the USA. Only street protistutes are illegal not sex videos. So many men win on this one.

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