What if Taiwan war with China

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Jan 3, 2020
The US Marines finally have a use again besides being army 2.0


Klanime, if you will
Mar 19, 2021
Regarding India, they have had no problems telling China to go fuck themselves, especially since Corona happened. If heavily pressured, I could actually see the street shitters going at it with the commie bugmen, and then other countries in Asia following India in support for the little guy.
Ocassionally pushing back on aggressive Chinise diplomacy is not the same as being willing to go to war.

And may I remind your that Pakistan still fucking exists despite 2 real wars with India and countless unoffical border conflicts. If India can't be fucked to go to war with Pakistan (which have provoked India far more heavily and directly then China has ever done.), I hightly doubt they will target the only other superpower on their continent for a punch up.

I don't think you understand how damaging war is for an economy, considering India does so much trade with China. Plus people in India don't want war. They want cheap goods, which China provides. Their lives are a bad enough without chink bombers knocking their shacks over.

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Jan 1, 2020
I wish China didn’t go to war with Taiwan. I’d want to go to Taiwan on vacation one day. Or maybe live over there one day.

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Dec 12, 2020
Any war between taiwan and china would cause WW3 , and china would lose easily , chinas army is basically north korea's army on shitty , chinese made growth hormones.

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Dec 7, 2020
Taiwan Semiconductor is in Taiwan and is the worlds largest silicon chip manufactures, Like CPUs and and SoCs. See don't count Taiwan out as a world super-power yet. They should start showing China who's boss.


Aug 19, 2020
Taiwan blasts the Three Gorges Dam with missiles, the flood destruction throws the PLA into total disarray.


The warlord era ensues.