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Okay so let’s say that you were actually homosexual, but you honestly had no idea. What would you do? Would you immediately just start having tons of anal sex with homosexual men? Would you honestly start having tons of cocks slammed into your anus? Would you become a flamer? Or would you hide your sexuality? Would you stay, “on the down low?” Meaning not telling people while having sex with men. Would you not have sex with men and just never have sex again? Or sex constantly with homosexual men?

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So what, like "But I'm a Cheerleader", or something? Are you requesting a trip to a conversion camp to try and figure yourself out? You could always start a GoFundMe.
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this reminds me of the time when Ferdinand I, Czar of Bulgarien, was looking out of a window when Emperor Wilhelm II came behind and slapped his caboose so hard that birds on the trees outside flew away. Ferdinand I was furious and demanded an apology, but the chad Wilhelm would not apologise. It makes me wonder: was Ferdinand I gay because he tempted Wilhelm but just didn't know it?

edit: That wasn't a joke btw. Ferdinand got revenge on Wilhelm by giving a valuable arms contract to a French company instead of the German one he was supposed to give it to
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