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I don't understand why welfare exists. What is the justification of the welfare state. To me it just seems like parasites leeching off of the productive elements of society but if it were modified (no welfare for criminals) it could become a way to pay people not to commit crime. Are there any other better justifications for the welfare state
It makes for a good voting block!
How else would a creditor be able to generate revenue without having to charge interest? There are people out there who believe that usury should be outlawed entirely.
Fondly enough this is why the Jews got the banking prowess! The Church prohibited interest on loans in the medieval era.so the only bankers were Jews.
How do we approach gender equality in the workplace? Specifically, the business world. It's a very interesting question to me, and while I don't ponder it often, sometimes I'll find something relevant to it and wonder until I end up with no answer.

Motherhood is the real kicker here. The business world is competitive. Should a woman be forced not to have children in order to not fall behind in her attempts to reach the top? As one ages, it only becomes harder to birth a child. This is the hard part for me.
You can also choose a stay at home father. Hey look I don’t wanna can barging in with the “golden answer “ be life is full of tough choices. So you can be a real estate novelist and never have time for a wife, and be talking to Davy who’s still in the Navy and probably will be for life.

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How do we approach gender equality in the workplace? Specifically, the business world. It's a very interesting question to me, and while I don't ponder it often, sometimes I'll find something relevant to it and wonder until I end up with no answer.
Interesting question from a time when (in 2015) we had so few genders. Now there are dozens and dozens of genders. Or is it hundreds? Or is it thousands? Or is it personal? Bi-personal/multi-personal/multi-non-personal? Multi-non-fluid-superfluid-personal-non-personal?

If you have a workplace with 30 people containing 15 penises and 15 vaginas, well-formed and one to a customer, it used to be you had 15 each of two genders. Now, everyone has their own gender and it never seems to stay in one color of the spectrum.

When I come into work I'm feeling rather manish as I charge to my desk. Then I sit down, parse through my email and start bitching. Pay cuts are coming and I start to cry. Lunch comes and I want a sandwich and a beer. After lunch, back to work and the gossip mill is running strong. By the end of the day I want to beat the living shit out of a few people but decide to kiss their asses just the same. Sales are shit but it puts food on the table. I take the train home and feel sorry for the woman with the crying child and the worn clothes. I want to kick the ranting asshole in his balls.

I have no idea how many genders I went through in one day, but how do we determine equality? Fuck if I know.


The Great Cult

At their root, fourth-wave feminism and the broader social justice movement aren't really about women or minorities at all. It's communist propaganda, meant to suck people into the cult ideology of Marxism. Think: what are the characteristics of cults? Claiming absolute moral righteousness. Considering those who dissent to be evil, and justifying violence or career-destruction against them. Using a new, invented vocabulary amongst themselves which makes cult members feel smart, erudite, and "in" on profound secrets about the world, including knowledge of inchoate entities like the "patriarchy" which are believed to underlie the functioning of society. (Supernatural concepts of gods and devils serve the same purpose). Encouraging cult members to cut off old relationships with naysayers and skeptics in favor of their new, "enlightened" friends who never question the dogma. Complete devotion, with cult members basing their entire identities on belief in the ideology, and behaving in self-destructive ways which only worsen their physical and mental health. Angry denial of any quantifiable evidence that cuts against their beliefs.

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