Containment What If? -

What if: CWCisms spread throughout the prison system and society at large?

Let me preface it by an explanation: Prisons have their own unique culture: Not just things like language but also groups (like Aryan Nation) and beliefs (like sovereign citizen theories that cross pollinated from whites to blacks in jails) have managed to grow entirely within the US prison system. (And from there sometimes out into society at large.)

The mechanism is hardly a mystery: Prisoners get transferred from jail to jail, sometimes across state lines, and recidivism means that one prison stay is rarely the only one.

What if CWCisms such as Jerkop, Manajerk (and maybe some new ones like Judgiot or Jerkden) get to blossom in the US Penal system thanks to Chris?

Will prisoners across penal institutions in the US in ten years talk about a Judgiot that gave them 5 years in the shade? Or warn each other about a particular where a real hard ass Jerkden is in charge?

Will “Jerkop” spread from Virginia jails to the nation at large to become criminal slang for police officers?

This could be Chris’s greatest cultural achievement yet!

Sonichu?! Pfft, who gives a fuck! I want to hear some Chicago street kids in ten years yell: “WATCH OUT! JERKOPS ON THE WAY!”

Or drug dealers in South Central LA go: “Shiiat nigga! This shitll make ya drop! True and Honest!”
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What if liquid chris was the real chris all along?
Surprise twist: He was. The True and Honest CWC would never have raped his mother.

The bright side: We can all live ourselves a letter more easily.

The downside: Some people with cancer are being treated by a high functioning autist as oncologist.

What if Chris is exonerated on September 16th and moves back to 14BLC?

We will get a Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald situation as one of the neighbors, who thought they’d finally be able to live normal lives, snaps and takes matters in their own hands.

Fortunately for CWC all the magic rocks and medallions he carries will probably save his life. The would be assassin will be dragged away by cops while Chris releases a smug and triumphant “Hm... Yeah!”

Another life ruined by Chris-chan.

what if chris was obsessed with working out and anything related to fitness instead of sonic and Pokemon?
autistic people are always getting obsessed with videogames or anime and shit.
how would this effect his life?