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Containment What If?

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by champthom, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. We'll have to film it and call it Breaking Barb
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  2. What if Chris gets sentenced to actual prison time?
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  3. He would demand to go to a female jail.

    End up in a male penitentiary. Piss off someone (guards, other prisoners, the warden etc). Gets put on some form of punishment detail.

    Probable beatings.

    Barb would not visit.

    Chris comes out full on Christian.

    Chris would then somehow break parole.

    Cut to a high speed pursuit of the SONICHU mobile by several state police cars.

    Chris flips the car Dukes of Hazzard style.

    After that is anyone's guess.

    More likely he wouldn't handle it and end up on whatever the judicial system's form of easy street is.
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    Aladdin_Insane But for now, let's go shopping!

  4. What if Chris drunk a bottle of mountain dew?
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    Andrew Noel Schaefer

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  5. Who would win in a fight? A million Chris-Chans or Superman?

    AnOminous get over it it will not get better just cope
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  6. A million Chris-Chans would collectively have the strength of a 12 year old girl.
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    Broseph basterous child

  7. Superman would feel too much pity to fight.
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    flossman obnoxious teriyaki noodles
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  8. Wrong timeline friend.
    Tingular Grengino

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  9. There is a thread on 4chan on /m/ about how IDW has been making a lot of the old Transformers gay for the LGBT crowd. They are freaking robots... whatever.
    Anyhow, what if Chris was brought this information? How would he respond to the fact about a dozen male transformers want to stick their spark plug in someone else's tailpipe?
    I can tell you it made me face palm pretty damn hard.

    Wraith Wraith of the Pickle King...

  10. What if the same people who made The Emoji Movie worked with Chris to make a Sonichu film?
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  11. They'd get C&Ds by the property holders of all those, even the ones in copyright limbo
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  12. What if there were a wrestling heel inspired by the likes of Chris? What about a we.en? And they were rivals?
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  13. What if Chris was hot and spicy?

    Apocalypso I want blood!

  14. The Chris heel would be billed at weighing 1 metric fuckton, demand money for merch that'll never be made, and cut autistic mumbling promos about the trolls.

    The wee.n would be James Ellsworth yelling JULAY.

    Whoever wins, the audience loses.
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    ChickenSkinBeanbag Trust me.

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  15. What if Chris joined the alt-right? He'd probably put on thigh-highs and become a based trap. Grindr Greg's newest boy-toy?
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    Terrorist Osama bin Ladkin

  16. I'm pretty sure he already does that regularly.
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    Tommy Wiseau Kin

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  17. What if Chris and Barb become the modern day Guin family and live out a 14 Branchland Ct Massacre, with Chris being Crayola Face, and Barb's corpse speaking to him in the living room, caked in crayola magic model clay?

    "Get them Chris, do it for Mommy."
  18. Chris would never be able to lure anyone inside their house except for we.ens and even then he would be way too out of shape to chase after them with a cutco knife.

    Broseph basterous child

  19. What if Chris turns his home into a CWCVille themed micro nation in the style of Molossia?