Containment What If? -

The handsome tard

Hyperion is working on the cure, it wont be cheap.
Why would Bob want to kill Chris.
Why Bob WOULDNT want to kill Chris? He is unfixable and he just killed ANOTHER kitten. Bob would know what needed to be done...
I thought the Idea Guy saga made it really clear you can squeeze money out of Chris without much effort. Scientology is just Idea Guys on a multi-billion dollar scale, making people pay them to get told complete nonsense.
insert neckbeard comment on how thats just religion, hur hur! :neckbeard:
But seriously tho, Chris is painfully naive (the autistic N-word) so if you worked hard enough, you would be able to scam money out of him to make the merge work "faster". They would just throw a bunch of "smart sounding" whatever and just convince Chris to get moar money.
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