What insane developments will take place over the next 10 years?

Save the Loli

Jul 1, 2017
Traditional place names will be abolished because one, it's racist/sexist/whateverphobic, and two, the governments involved are bankrupt so need to sell "naming rights" to rivers, hills, mountains, and even cities and states. The names on our maps will be entirely rewritten to please a mixture of bankrupt governments, the terminally woke, and the bottom line of megacorporations.

IIRC they have already experimented with this in one part of Illinois where some company bought naming rights to some creek. Ideologically, there are people whp argue that it's "cultural appropriation" for the US (and Canada/Australia/New Zealand) to have so many places named after Native American/Aboriginal/whatever names for places or for native tribes because the US is evil. And the places not named with those names are of course bad because they're named for white, mostly male colonialists and slavers and sexists, look at the people wanting to rename Austin, Texas or how the "D.C." in "Washington D.C." now stands for "Douglass Commonwealth." King County, Washington (where Seattle is) might have been the first since the "King" in the name has been Martin Luther King Jr. for the past decade or so and not the "King" it was named after back in the day who like most people on the West Coast in that era was rather racist against blacks and Chinese.

People all over the political spectrum will cheer for this, since many conservatives won't mind because "oh, the state formerly known as California is just finding a way to clear its debt without taxing people" and the leftoids won't mind because "oh, California is a racist colonialist name, thank Science it's abolished." Megacorporations will pitch this as a way out of bankruptcy and a "benevolent act" to governments so it's unlikely all but the most hardline anti-corporate politicians will resist. I expect to see local/state flags and seals changing to accompany this where the megacorporation owning the naming rights will put their logo on it.

We will see the start of this by 2030, and odds are your hometown will not have the same name when you die as when you were born.