Disaster What Is Kink-Shaming? (And Why You Should Avoid Doing It) -

Zero Day Defense

The Wankiest.
That cake batter "kink" was 100% a shit test. The correct answer was to shut it down. Good man for figuring that out.
Why do we call it a "shit test" when the only winning move is to defenestrate the person who thinks so lowly of you that they would readily waste your time with those kinds of pretenses?

That's the quotation that got me too, but I was late.

A man not wanting his woman to get fucked by other dudes is kink-shaming now.

These are the same people that say it's bad to not support your partner coming out as poly.
Communist conditioning.

"Your partner? Don't you mean our partner?"

...shoot, am I on to something?
It's not kink shaming if you don't want to do something weird that your partner wants to do.

Would it be kink shaming if I ask my wife for a threesome and she of course says "fuck no"?
So is not letting someone have sex with you kink shaming now? Is this the next line of troon "Lesbians have to suck my dick and like it" logic?


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If you want to be a deviant, then it's your responsibility to hunt down other people who are actually interested in being deviant with you and then proceed to keep it to yourself. If you exist in a more-or-less permanent minority then there's no escape from society judging you to some extent, even with things like being gay. It is what it is.


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Ok, first of all: Disinterest in a kink - even vocal disinterest - is not shaming. Nobody is obligated to share your kinks. Nobody is obligated to participate in your kinks if they don't want to, and stop trying to guilt-trip them into it - that's rape by coercion. They may have a reason they don't want to participate - a person who has been in a physically abusive relationship, for example, may not want to participate in your rape kink - or it may just be a simple "eww, no" thing, but they are not obligated to explain in either case.

Second: Some kinks fucking need to be shamed. Some kinks have a death toll associated with them, for example.

Zero Day Defense

The Wankiest.
Nobody is obligated to share your kinks. Nobody is obligated to participate in your kinks if they don't want to, and stop trying to guilt-trip them into it - that's rape by coercion.
No, it's manipulation, unless your life force is directly tied to not feeling like a crappy person. Coercion requires harmful action or at least credible threat of such.

Other than that, agreed.


javascript is the future, Josh.
You’re hooking up with someone for the first time — or the second, the tenth or the hundredth — and you think you know what to expect, but then they ask if you can try something new.

Immediately, you’re a little cautious. What if it’s weird? They blush a little bit. “Well, you see, I’ve always wanted to try this thing … but it’s a little kinky…” You gulp as they lean in and whisper the secret desire into your ear. You want to make them happy because you’re not a jerk, but this fetish is way out there, and not at all something you’re used to.

“Gross,” you say. “You’re really into that?” Your hookup buddy looks embarrassed. “Never mind,” they say, grabbing their clothes from the floor. “I should probably get going.”
whoever wrote this has never had sex, I can guarantee it.

Also fuck your gay kinks, this is how you create degenerates like furfags.


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So what are you supposed to say or do when you’re grossed out by someone so perversions? Just accept it and have sex? How is that an acceptable thing to say in 2019?

This is telling people that they’re problem and not the person who wants to spread cake batter on themselves.
Having sexual boundaries and not being interested in a certain fetish is a form of rape in the current year


a full-on woman soul
Lol, if your kink has a death toll attached to it (ie: choking) or is a public health hazard you deserve any and all kinds of "shaming" for your degeneracy.

What the hell ever happened to "no one has the right to cohere you into sex of any kind if it's not your thing"? I don't care if the person asking you to do XYZ kink is your partner, your right to bodily autonomy will always trump their hurt feelings over not being able to force you into their kink. Telling someone "hey, I don't want to do that because it makes me uncomfortable" isn't even shaming, and if you think it is you really need to grow up.

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I always found it amusing how the same crowd that is all about asking your partner for consent every 10 seconds before, during and after the act also has this same view about not being able to say no to someone if they bring up a kink you are uncomfortable with. You just have to go along with it because otherwise they might have hurt feelings.

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