Disaster What Is Kink-Shaming? (And Why You Should Avoid Doing It) -

Tasty Tatty

Most people who complains about being kinkshamed are people who need validation (as in, they know what they do is wrong, but need "society" to tell them it's in fact right) or people who have little boundaries about certain topics and get mad that the rest of us know limitations.

e.g. (yes, I know the show is shit, but let me make my point because people like this exist):

Then we have assholes (np--- actually, yes, pun very fucking well intended) like Zinnia Jones who keeps putting things up his ass and telling him "hey, you could get actually tear out your butthole with that" is understood as "being an homosexual is wrong".

Back to the people who need validation, many promiscuous people often show that as a symptom for something else. Sadly, telling now a woman that maybe having sex 24 hours per day is not such a good idea is being a sexist pig who oppress women.


i cant wait for these faggots to slink back into shadows when being a freak stops being fashionable
There is such a thing as fashion fore-casting; some if it is marketing but, it is also a soft science. Trends/established norms absolutely reflect psychology of a group, for example;
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.39.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.47.07 AM.png
Along with these there are always backlash trends (like japanese Ganguro).
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.49.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.48.14 AM.png
If there is any apt comparison for Tumblrina "fashion" it is that of Emos/Goths back in the 2000's. It may have been a huge thing but it was also met with a lot of ridicule and the General population becoming obsessed with L.A. beach living.
While "normies" are un-interested in verbal debate with mentally ill college students, their general response can be observed through the online popularity of femininity, successful people of color/foreigners , Kiwi Farms, etc.
In the era of terrorism, furries, pedophilia, and 24/7 heated debate there is an undeniable public desire for a return to the other side of human nature,
self control.
TLDR; Trust, PC police faggotry will come out of fashion.

Bum Driller

Cultural Appropriator & Cowboy Chemist
This is beyond absurd. How the fuck is it kink-shaming to say "no" to someones proposal of having sex in a way you don't want to have it? I've done lots of really perverse shit in my time, with consenting adults, but if I'm not in the mood for some blood-sports or sticking candles up the ass it's sure as fuck not "kink-shaming" to say no on occasion.


In general I'm all for "don't hurt the feelings of someone you care about" but not to the point of doing anything you're uncomfortable with.


But kink-shaming is my kink!
Seriously though, what do you do when this is the case? Don't kink shame my kink shaming kink you nazi trump supporter? 🤔

I guess you can find a parter into humiliation. But someone is probably going to still tell you that you are kink shaming their humiliation kink. Even if that is what actually gets them off.

And here I thought what happens in the bed room was supposed to be a private thing, this just sounds like some sick fucks want their perverse shit accepted by society
That's why they are writing about it. You better let me stick live snakes up your ass while I sing opera dressed as my diaper wearing Paw Patrol OC. Otherwise you are kink shaming me and that hurts my feelings.:mad:

Maggots on a Train v2

new and improved account
I always found it amusing how the same crowd that is all about asking your partner for consent every 10 seconds before, during and after the act also has this same view about not being able to say no to someone if they bring up a kink you are uncomfortable with. You just have to go along with it because otherwise they might have hurt feelings.
Even though the author tried to dance around it, we all know that's what was meant. He would doubtlessly say it's only about being respectful, but if somebody turns you down cold for freaky shit, there's no sparing your feelings.

Tasty Tatty

Any guy who participates in any kink that has the possibility of leaving marks (chocking, bdsm, knifeplay, etc.) is a fucking moron asking to be sent to jail. Especially if it's a random hookup. How the hell do you prove such marks were consensual in a rape accusation?
That was what recently happened to Neymar (the football player who's always pretending to be hurt.... hah, karma!). He hooked up with some model. She asked her to do some rough play and even slapped him. He said "no, I don't like that", she goes mad and starts to beat him, and he tried to defend himself by pushing her away. She had filmed it all and accused him of raping her and beating her.



Sounds like encouraging men to become cuckolds and like feminists not understanding their own narrative about consent - to force or shame your partner to participate in sexual acts is bad juju. You can't hold the social stigma of kink shamer over a guy to guilt him to do kinky stuff in bed with you, yes?
when I placed his hand closer to my neck.
when I placed my cock closer to her ass.
But they won't get it.
I believe only beatings will be the cure for these disorders

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