What is the average mental health level of Kiwifarms? - Serious answers only

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Tranimal Farm

Femto Sonichu
May 25, 2021
Are we doomers? Coomers? Soon to be trooners? Are we men of hope, or the rope? Or are we all just a bunch of somewhat pessimistic but overall content goodboys who simply don't freak out every time someone says a slur?

I have faith in you all so I like to believe we at least dont need to be medicated as much as other parts of the internet. At least you're not a reddit janny who can only maintain baseline mental stability so long as they remain stocked on cheap wine and anti-depressants

Lurk McDurk

Feb 6, 2021
The algorithm really is the way forward, lads. Look at the related posts to this one:



Coo coo
True & Honest Fan
Dec 29, 2020
I'm think I'm happier than a lot of people because I have a brick house, God, and an amazing spouse — I'm a very traumatized person though, and I was neglected (love-wise) all throughout my childhood and teenagehood. This created a lot of long-term issues that I didn't properly address in time.

Kiwifarms is the only community I have that is full of like-minded people. I don't have "friends" here, but I don't really have friends in real life either. Being able to say whatever you want is therapeutic. I was on Reddit for two years before quitting and eventually finding this place. Let me tell you, that website will make you miserable. I'd rather be made fun of than condescended and "re-educated" by Redditors.

Dr. Pasquale

Harvard PhD
Jun 4, 2021
I'm mostly alright on all fronts, but life isnt perfect and my family has a long dark history of mental illness that has claimed the life of some relatives over the decades. Having faith in the lord, the love of a significant other and many friends and hobbies has strayed me away from thoughts of eating a bullet many times, for which im grateful.

Synthetic Smug

True & Honest Fan
Dec 16, 2019
Sad sometimes but with a growing joy. Solid and wanting to help others.

Events of the past few years have shorn me of some illusions but enabled me to see deeper truths and work on professional and personal development with a clearer eye. I suppose this is middle age with its reborn sense of faith and cringe at the opinions you formerly tolerated from false friends.

Tsurubami Senri

You should kill yourself... NOW!
Jun 11, 2021
Im doing great the only worry on my mind is if my friends are real.
The only thing that makes me angry in this world are faggots and trannys and how people treat crackers badly now days.
I have heavy trust issues and some more from an issue that happended.
but im doing pretty good
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