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Suppose you got in a near-death experience and you are blessed with one common stock superpower of your choice which you can keep permanently. Your choices are:

1) Nigh-invulnerability: Your skin is basically bulletproof and you are amazingly strong. You can't fly without work, but you could jump. (basically Superman or Saitama from One Punch Man)
2) Shapeshifting: You can change into any object or shape on Earth. You retain your senses as an inanimate object and can even manipulate said inanimate object.
3) Intangibility: Anything you want (or don't want) passes right through you. You can still keep abilities to eat things and not fall into the center of the planet. Walls and doors will no longer block you.
4) Time Travel: You can slow down, speed up, rewind, or stop time. You can't take anything with you, but the process won't prematurely age you (or de-age you).

(I can't think of any more A-tier and above superpowers than those)
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invulnerability. the logical extension of it is immortality since cells durable enough to withstand what Superman or Saitama can deal with are going to keep you hale and hearty against the ravages of time
being able to stop time the way you suggested is theoretically great but unless you can use it to build technology to extend your life, it won't give you as much time on the Earth. the reaper is the worst supervillain of all


Nigh-invulnerability hands down. Has lots of practical applications, and I can basically do whatever the fuck I want.

Plus, don't have to worry about getting mugged if my skin is bullet-proof.


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Flight or teleportation isn't on the list?*

The ability go anywhere - especially beyond one's world - or at least raise a middle finger to gravity would be pretty awesome.

*(although one could change into a bird with shapeshifting)
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Lift me up, like a garage door.
Can I choose whatever power Spock had when he was on Heroes? Carving into people’s heads to gain super powers is metal as fuck.

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Gravity manipulation, increase and decrease.
> Could help me be effective if I ever got a job that involved search and rescue
> I could make items such as coins and clips lethal weapons
> Lift way above my league
> Could use my abilities to aid investigators and developers of space engieneering
> Easy way to entertain and play with my little nephews
> Can move in ways only achievable in dreams
> Can larp as an astronaut

Depending on how strong of a domain I end up getting.
> Could create my own atmosphere which leds to me being more resistent to oxygen poisoning and act as a protection agaisnt attacks
> Could potentially break materials such as concrete
> Can suffocate at will wrongdoers or even crush their bones
> Could stop major weaponry


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Absolute control over time, without a doubt. Every other possible power would be meaningless if you can freeze them in a point of time so they can't use it.
Yeah, time travel should just be taken off the list. It's way too OP even with the stipulation of not being allowed to take shit with you (but does that include your clothes? Not a big deal, but just wondering). The ability to stop time is one thing, but the ability to undo any mistake you make ever is just absurd. Fuck being a superhero or any gay shit like that. This would be like an IRL quicksave. Then, of course, I could just win the lotto whenever I want.

Of the remaining superpowers in OP's post: that's a bit more difficult but shapeshifting would probably be my next choice. Still kinda OP if I can retain the properties of said object (like if I could turn into a tank and be just as invulnerable as a tank) but even without that it would make a great rogue build.

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I pick shapeshifting and then shapeshift into a person who has all the other abilities.


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What's the best super power?
Its obviously the United States, the Soviets are overrated.


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I don't know about those, I just want toggleable immortality, so when the sun burns out or the planet gets blown up or whatever I can just die instead of being stuck wandering a barren earth/floating through space.

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Infinite money. Don't need to worry about inflation, generating trillions of dollars from thin air apparently doesn't even phase the economy, so you'll never actually spend enough for it to matter.
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