What is the best way to destroy a laptop so that nothing on it is recoverable? - Asking for a friend obviously

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May 4, 2021
Get a bucket of lava and dig out one block then pour the lava into the hole and drop the laptop into the lava it'll delete it and you cant get it back even with console commands


Sharp as ATTACK
Apr 1, 2021
Some people obviously have never watched "The Terminator".

The fires of mount doom where your browser history was forged in.

No dudes wrong movie



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Oct 15, 2021
Ok, so you are going to need:
  1. Laptop (ofc)
  2. Paperclip (only if you have a HDD)
  3. matches & Lighter Liquid
  4. Sledgehammer
  5. concrete area to do this at
So the first thing to destroy is your hardrive so turn off your laptop, REMOVE THE BATTERY, unscrew the bottom, grab your SSD or HDD and yoink it out. if you have a HDD, find a way to get inside the HDD and scratch the disc in it up. if you have a SSD or have already done the step for HDD users, look at the next step.

The 2nd thing is to grab your matches, lighter liquid, ssd or HDD and SledgeHammer. Go to your area (make sure it's concrete!) and slam the laptop and ssd/hdd onto it, hit them with the sledgehammer, sweep any parts that fly out into your pile o' parts, pour lighter liquid, light a match and then set the laptop & SSD/HDD on fire. If you forgot to remove the battery at this point, may Darwinism take you.