What is the most annoyingly blatant example of hypocrisy you've seen online? -

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Danny T.

autistic 'n ballistic
You know what people I fuckin' hate? Those lefties that spent years and years talking about how "we need a revolution so badly", and when Qtard boomers decided to do a small amount of IRL griefing the Capitol building, all of a sudden they start screeching about how "nahhh man this is harmful to our democracy and political stability", like nigga, isn't this what you've been asking for the whole time?? Oh wait, I forgot, only black autistic transwomxn can start revolutions. My bad.

I also hate those stinkin' little Twitterfags that doxed CallMeCarson for grooming someone two years younger than him, yet still support openly pedophilic personalities like Sophie Labelle and Vaush. Total retards.

serious n00b

Autism talks: Everything else walks
some rando was telling me about his cringe space communism dream utopia, i start pointing out contradictions and then he had a tard tantrum

The Lawgiver

I once got perma-shadowbanned from a stream chat because the appointed stream mods kept muting me and claiming I was carrying on about an irrelevant topic but then after they did that they proceeded to then talk about the supposed forbidden topic amongst themselves to the confusion of everyone in chat. Like around a year or 2 later I ran into some people from that stream chat elsewhere and they were more or less like "HOLY SHIT MAN WE WERE LOOKING FOR YOU FOR AGES WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED WHERE'D YOU GO?" It was pretty funny in retrospect.