What is the most autistic thing ever? - If you just say autism then the answer is you.


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This may sound like a troll answer, but probably jigsaw puzzles, honestly. I'm into a lot of nerdy shit, even tedious stuff like tabletop games, but jigsaw puzzles always bored me to tears. They're long, complicated, usually the pretty picture you're pieceing together is ruined by all of the line in between the pieces, and at the end of it all you just destroy all of your hard work but breaking in up and putting it back in the box. You don't even get the picture out of it because like I said, it looks like shit due to the nature of having to literally piece a picture together.

Its also not a hobby like model work, writing, art, game design, or anything. Because at the end of those at least you created something. With a puzzle you assembled an already existing picture. Christ even people playing with Legos can create some interesting stuff. Its pointless. A good book, piece of artwork, movie, videogame, etc can enrich your life. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is just a waste of time.


Anything involving people sperging out when a cartoon series gets a reboot. For example, when the Pink Panther was given dialogue in the 1993 reboot, a lot of people sperged out over it. Granted, the original PP was a nonspeaking character - having to slink around Inspector Closeau doesn't lend itself to dialogue - but I think that giving PP a voice revealed a whole new side of him. From a playboy in 1964 to an everyman in 1993. It's almost like Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, but pink.


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weather forecasts. takes some obsessive pattern learning to know its going to rain on tuesday of 3 weeks from now