What is the origin of your KF username? -

tampax pearl

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had a fat white boy cat named pax, easily 12 pounds. we told everyone pax was latin for peace, but his name was short for tampax because he looked like a huge furry tampon. pax ended up getting pee problems because of hard cat food (male cats are supposed to have soft stuff, apparently) and died a few days later. RIP you chunky motherfucker.

Monika H.

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Well, Monika is my name and H. is the initial of my surname, which was part of my old name on this site before September 2019 leaks I trooned out. Took the idea from my gal pal Monika M.
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Someone posted on my discord the dumbest looking fucking lynx plush in the world and it's eyes haunted me for like three months. I thought it would fit.


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I'm shit when it comes to making usernames, so I just typed in the first random non-word that popped into my head.


I like me some nice big boobs
I liked the music video Mr Rager by Kid Cudi with the cameo by Kanye West and the ending scene of betrayal.

I watched the movie Joker twice.

And have a giant collection of females on my backup hardrive.