What is the origin of your KF username? -

Dom Cruise

I wanted something kind of anonymous and originally I wanted my name to simply be Tom Cruise, since it's unlikely that I'd be the real Tom Cruise it's almost like a way of calling yourself "John Smith" online.

However that was taken so I simply went with the Frank Stallone/Jim Hanks style method of Tom Cruise's lesser known brother.


just a d00d
Studio CLAMP reference. X specifically.

Really it's just a random username off a list I drew up when I was rollin' my own "online persona management" VM server one very boring winter vacation about a decade ago.


Ultimate autist
Fluffy was a Fennekin I raised in my play through of Pokemon Y.
The “Teh” part was supposed to make it sound like it came straight out of 2009 deviantArt


greetings frum india i hate gays
I wanted something I've never used or been involved in, so I remembered this infamous videogame. I am not Derek Smart I promise.

Stuck in Corners

Beer battered fillets on the house
True & Honest Fan
Describes my state of mind every time i go to choose an item on a long restaurant menu.


it takes a really high iq to understand validate
Tried to think of a username, held the 'e' key for too long, realized I was an idiot, and that was how I was born.