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Longtime lurker who came here to create a thread on a lolcow Breadtuber. Replaced the bread in breadtube with dead, because most of them will be dead by 2025 from suicide.


The guy from my avatar smokes a pipe with white smoke that can cause illusions, so some people ended up calling him Vapewizard because it's easier to remember than his actual name.

An Sionnach Seang

Justin Bieber shit's like a cat!
it's from the Irish-language version of Flann O'Brien's book An Béal Bocht (The Poor Mouth), and it means "The Slim Fox"
it comes from the chapter where Gaelic revivalists from Dublin are in Corkadoragha, the poorest, wettest, coldest, most wretched (therefore, most authentically Irish) part of Ireland
they throw a feis and one of the things they do is give themselves Irish-language titles like medieval Irishmen
the book lists some examples; one of them is An Sionnach Seang / The Slim Fox

out of all O'Brien's books, it's the funniest and the one with the most dark humour


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On every level except physical, I am a True and Honest Mermaid.

I think I've known this, spiritually, since I was a small child. I'm currently in talks with a doctor in Sweden to replace my legs with a fish tail, in order to help me live the life I was meant to have.

(also I thought this was a copypasta, which is why I made my own version, and I am kinda sad that it is not.)
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I'm not gonna read that
People used to send multiple $2 superchats to notorious homosexual Nicholas J. Fuentes (mexican, catboy) that simply read "pee pee poo poo". He would get frustrated after reading them and I found it amusing.

The followup title is from when he'd see other superchats and just refuse to read them.
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