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Came across the name "Rizalo" when trying to choose a random name from this place. Changed it to Rivalo because it sounded better, and the realisation that it's an anagram for this guy's name if you remove the R solidified it.
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Smaug's Smokey Hole

Gammalt bröd rostar aldrig.
I'll be a bit powerlevel-y (if you can call it that, Idk): The Silmarillion was my first Tolkien book. I saw at least one or two kiwis here who use Middle-earth characters as usernames.
Nobody took Finrod Felagund so I took the chance.
That's a though book to start with if I remember it right but it also depends on the age of the reader of course.

My username is middle earth related but not for any real reason, I make them up as I go and the rule is that more than 10 seconds spent thinking is time wasted that could be spent spergin', I run a tight ship like that, so just cram something in the box that is 100% not already taken and make it something that might lead to a somewhat amusing avatar(I figured that there would be a plethora of dragon shaped chimneys with smoke coming out of them on the internet but I was wrong).
Originally it was not spaced, just "smaugsmokeyhole" because I didn't know if spaces in usernames would be accepted and I'm not pressing that button only to find out that I have to change something. Then Null asked if he could change it for the better and now people think I'm maybe into dragons or something.


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Cross between Shanti (meaning peace in Hindi) and Brayden. Suprisingly the name Shayden is, possibly, of Irish origin and basically means God's oath.
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Unironic Internet degenerate
I was browsing Pixiv.net the night i finally decided to create my account, since i was looking at Medarot shit and i'm such an unimaginative guy, i couldn't come up with anything better than Medafag, i wish i was better at naming things
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"I got a B+ in lurking!"
Aww, that's super cute!

Is "Barnyard" franchise actually any good or is it just ironic? I remember watching "Back at the Barnyard" on TV when I was around middle school age and not liking it too much. It's a good meme source, I can give it that for sure.
I haven't watched any of it in a coon's age but IIRC, it's yes and no. First, there was the film, Barnyard, which was made by Steve Oedekerk of O Entertainment and distributed by Paramount. I remember enjoying it and there actually being some really good, thematic scenes (one with Otis, the main cow's, dad fighting coyotes and dying while singing "I Won't Back Down"). Movie is worth at least one watch.

The TV show is more ironic than good, I think. But I enjoyed it as well. They changed a few characters around, like Daisy.

The reason why both male and female cows in this franchise have udders is because Steve Oedekerk thought that (based on talking to some people who believe this I guess) "city folk" all assumed all cows have udders, and it was a weird joke and play on that assumption.
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I've been here since the CWCki Forums days when everything was very Chris-centric, so I went in a Sonichu themed direction. My two favorite, and most incomprehensibly named, villains in the series.

Lamy 2000

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The Lamy 2000 is a pen that's been in production for over 50 years. It's looked virtually the same in that whole time; any changes to the design were only made to correct issues. There's the fountain pen (what I have), roller ball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil. I don't have much interest in anything outside of the fountain pen except for the pencil. Been thinking of picking one up for a while due to the amazing ergonomics of the fountain pen. The fountain pen has a nib made of gold (it is plated to look more silver so it matches the rest of the pen's aesthetic) which offers a buttery-smooth writing experience that makes one not have to bore into the paper to make a line. You just glide across the paper. If someone ever gives you the opportunity to try a pen like this, both take it and ask them how to use it if you've never used any kind of fountain pen before. I guarantee it'll blow your mind.

I have several gold nibbed pens but the Lamy 2000 is still the most comfortable one out of all of the pens I own. I'd say it is my favourite overall, hence why I decided to just roll with it. Couldn't think of any other name at the time.

I Love Beef

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Eh, I made mine up from the slang term of "Beef", being dispute, grudge, conflict, a problem.

Seeing that I'm something of a sadist, and that beef is one of my favorite meats, WHERE'S THE BEEF

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