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Lamy 2000

am I really attracted to... GIRLS?
The Lamy 2000 is a pen that's been in production for over 50 years. It's looked virtually the same in that whole time; any changes to the design were only made to correct issues. There's the fountain pen (what I have), roller ball, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil. I don't have much interest in anything outside of the fountain pen except for the pencil. Been thinking of picking one up for a while due to the amazing ergonomics of the fountain pen. The fountain pen has a nib made of gold (it is plated to look more silver so it matches the rest of the pen's aesthetic) which offers a buttery-smooth writing experience that makes one not have to bore into the paper to make a line. You just glide across the paper. If someone ever gives you the opportunity to try a pen like this, both take it and ask them how to use it if you've never used any kind of fountain pen before. I guarantee it'll blow your mind.

I have several gold nibbed pens but the Lamy 2000 is still the most comfortable one out of all of the pens I own. I'd say it is my favourite overall, hence why I decided to just roll with it. Couldn't think of any other name at the time.

Chewy Suarez

specializes in canine couture
there’s a flash cartoon channel on youtube called 442oons that basically pokes fun at le fútbol culture and has caricatures of every major footballer. luis suarez is called chewy suarez because of all the times he goes pitbullkin and bites people and i thought it was funny if i named myself after that.


North Korea’s Furbait
It's literally the equivalent of John Smith for furfags and if you've read the original fairy tale, it makes sense for a troll alias.
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Mao Hao Hao

Just spinning through
I really like wierd, often creepy/cute creatures and mao hao haos are easy to make (and find) new profile pictures of.


The Constipation Sensation
Used to be my shitposting name on /cwc/ back in the day.
It's a not-so-subtle reference to Slaweel Ryam, arguably one of the most amusing names in Sonichu.
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Fat Pikachu

Is your privilege running? You better go check it!
Pikachu Fat is only good Pikachu and when he lost weight he became Pikachu Bad

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