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Jimmy Norton's Sex Slave
My name comes from Digibro's former GF/current wife's youtube channel, PantsuParty. I basically wanted to steal it before anyone else could and also I'm a fucking weeb and I like the word pantsu.

Someone in a Tree

It's the ripple, not the sea that is happening
It's the last song from the first act of the musical Pacific Overtures by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman. Without going too deep into context, the song is about the fragmentary nature in which history is recorded.
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The Constipation Sensation
I like it because it looks very stupid.
I dunno brah, that famous illustration certainly scared the crap out of me when I first saw it at age 7 in a magazine targeted at pre-teen readers. For whatever reason, said publication regularly featured a page or two dedicated to cryptids and other occult/paranormal topics. In contrast to the rest of the magazine and its colorful 1990s design, this section was always in black and white (white text on a black background) and written in a dead serious tone.
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Sprig of Parsley

A name at the confluence of "Something you don't use anywhere else" and "Something no one here has used" with a dash of "No possible chance of association with any part of your real identity" equals this. I also like parsley, I think it's a vastly underrated herb. Cilantro's good too but people give it its due usually.
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We can't go on together, with progressive plights~
True & Honest Fan
Citracett is the main villain from the Ripping Friends cartoon. Everyone on the show treats him like he's a seriously threatening dude but he's really a goofy bumbling little fucker. Kinda like how people think kiwis are evil but really we're just a bunch of merry autists. Can't remember why I chose the name though. I'm not a huge fan of that show, or John K. Was a pretty random choice.

It's something I only use in direct association with my farms account. There's this account, a YouTube channel I use for kiwi project videos, and the reddit account I used for mocking troon comics when the farms was down. That's the extent of the name.

I probably should have just used plain "Citracett" or put spaces between the words because on PC it cuts off the last "T" and puts it on the second line and that bugs me way more than it should.

Also, it's pronounced SIGH-tra-sett. No idea why. It just is.
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Ebonic Tutor

"Shitposting at any cost."
Just a play on words of the Magic: the Gathering card Demonic Tutor.

As if by fate the 3 letter acronym ends up being EBT, which is basically a food stamp credit card here in the states.

The idea of selling one's soul to learn proper Ebonics amuses me as well.
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