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Tactical Autism Response Division
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Just a play on words of the Magic: the Gathering card Demonic Tutor.

As if by fate the 3 letter acronym ends up being EBT, which is basically a food stamp credit card here in the states.

The idea of selling one's soul to learn proper Ebonics amuses me as well.
You should shoop in a cover of XXL or The Source to that book he's holding. Probably XXL, it's more noticeable at a distance.

I like beanies
Tim Pool?
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lobotomy chic
old username of a personal lolcow of mine, figured it'd throw anyone trying to find info on me for a loop. nowadays i'm not really concerned about that sort of thing, i'm not involved in anything interesting enough

ive come to like the name though, it's so dumb it's cute


It's some low-effort shit I thought up on the spot. All I really wanted was something that doesn't tie me to any of my other online activity.

lamp shade

you sound like an absolute muppet
When I signed up it said not to use something that could be linked to other accounts, so I picked a random object. Fun fact: I was going to be Car Seat Headrest, but that’s the name of a band apparently.
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Resident God-Emperor
Had to pick a random name, so subconsciously picked one referring to my perfectly normal goal to get a blowjob by a Crimean chick who refers to me as "Putin-sama UwU".
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*extremely mom voice*

mad hoe logic

A small-time cow who I actually like, whose stuff is all exactly like this except with more girldicks. For a while she was constantly alluding to some drama in her life, but kept it vague and didn't name names. I found out about the farms by looking for more info. I don't blame her for her lulzy ways; close contact with this would give anyone brain problems.
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I got it off a random words generator and thought it was funny. Bapes are also pretty rad.

MAPK phosphatase

Cell Death Regulator
I had to study the ras pathway which uses a mapk system. Your username is triggering
I'd like to formally apologize on behalf of Wikipedia's random number generator.
I asked the "Random article" link for a statement and it said

Wasti is a surname originating from the city of Wasit, Iraq, from where the family emigrated to Indian subcontinent. They are now found in Pakistan and India.
People with the last name Wasti or Zaidi are purportedly the direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad's great-grandson Imam Zain-ul-Abideen, whose real name was Ali ibn Husain (Ali son of Husain). Zaidi (or people belonging to this family) can be found all over the world, especially in Iran and Indo-Pak subcontinent.
Some Zaidis are known as Wasitis. Zayd ibn Ali was martyred in Kufa, Iraq; many of his descendants either returned to al-Hijaz or remained in Iraq. Some of those who stayed in Iraq settled in Wasit. Some descendants from Wasit then moved to the Indian subcontinent. These Zaidis believe in twelve Imams and are part of Twelver Shiism. Most of them settled in India and Pakistan.
History and origin
Further information: Saadat-e-Bara and Zaidi (surname)
Notable people with the name Wasti
  • Nasir Wasti, Pakistani cricketer
  • Maria Wasti, Pakistani actress
  • Rizwan Wasti, Pakistani radio broadcaster
  • Tahira Wasti, Pakistani writer
  • Wajahatullah Wasti, Pakistani cricketer
  1. The Encyclopaedia of Islam: Supplement : Parts 1-2, page 126, Clifford Edmund Bosworth, Brill Archive, 1980

Pocket Dragoon

For one-tenth a soul, or a sexual favor.
People usually use "I was in a bad headspace" as an excuse for generic bad internet behavior.
It gets better.

A bad headspace is a potentially catastrophic fault in the complete chambering of a cartridge, with a wide variety of causes.

You might get a refreshing spritz of burning powder about the face and/or hands from popped primers... or a shrapnel-facial as your weapon system violently self-disassembles from a blown casehead; or worse, suffers an out-of-battery detonation.

Bad headspacing is bad, unless it happens to someone else; then it's an instructable moment.
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One Knock Life™
I get super annoyed whenever people start knocking repeatedly on my door, trying to get my attention.
You literally just have to knock once, stupid.

Anyway, it's a wordplay on "one knock", cause I like being a smartass faggot I guess.

You could just shoot through the door.
I take great pride in keeping my doors in pristine condition since they grant me privacy and protection from intruders.
Would rather electrify them, instead. With a switch and everything, that would be amazing.
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"Agency That Is Unbiased on Information"
I want to have different usernames on different websites because of someone could "discover" my past history for posting offensive stuff. So, I thought of this edgy name and chose it.


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Nimertis is one of the 50 daughters of Nireus in Greek mythology.
Nireus was the king of Symi (a greek island) and son of Poseidon and Canace.

I started using it on myspace, some people copied me because it sounds a bit goth but it isn't.
I just liked Theogony by Aeschylus.
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