What is the origin of your KF username? -

Stoned Alex Jones

Cyberpunk shit poster and water filter salesman
My original profile picture was of Alex Jones smoking weed on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I picked my picture before my username.

Liquid Cool

Radness in a Pouch
Capri Sun. I was lurking, someone mentioned it, I remembered that "Liquid Cool" branding and made an account.


Auk Autist

Birbs create the big Happy
Great Auks are objectively the grandest achievement this great Earth has birthed and I can only hope scientists manage to bring them back from extinction, then we can nuke Scandinavia in repentance for our sins


I hope nothing bad happens to her.
I'm ambidextrous so I tried to make it as an username but it was already taken, I made a portmanteau by adding the word type.


I had a cat named Bob. I also had a 2 year old. One day my kid came running to me, really concerned and said " I broke Bob! ". Then he held up a whisker from Bob.

(Bob got extra treats and love and forgave my son. My son was just a baby and did not mean to hurt him. He loved Bob and he was upset that he hurt him).

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