What is the origin of your KF username? -

Stoned Alex Jones

The water that turned the frogs gays, YUCK!
My original profile picture was of Alex Jones smoking weed on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I picked my picture before my username.

Auk Autist

Birbs create the big Happy
Great Auks are objectively the grandest achievement this great Earth has birthed and I can only hope scientists manage to bring them back from extinction, then we can nuke Scandinavia in repentance for our sins


Rubbing hand intensifies
I'm ambidextrous so I tried to make it as an username but it was already taken, I made a portmanteau by adding the word type.


I had a cat named Bob. I also had a 2 year old. One day my kid came running to me, really concerned and said " I broke Bob! ". Then he held up a whisker from Bob.

(Bob got extra treats and love and forgave my son. My son was just a baby and did not mean to hurt him. He loved Bob and he was upset that he hurt him).


Tanith’s Worst and Only
The Blue Oyster Cult song “Veteran of the Psychic Wars.” I’m not a vet of anything, so it’s “civilian,” and I’ve liked to watch fandoms sperg out for a long time, so it’s “fansom wars.”


pretty good, it doesn't seem
A reference to Splatoon (you're a kid you're a squid), as the lolcow I joined up for, idislikecispeople, had a Splatoon avatar at the time and I honestly didn't know what else to call myself.

Smiling Honeybadger

Still on the search for some super smart Title.
Honey badgers are cool. I like honey badgers. And my current user pic perfectly mirrors how I feel about the world. The End

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