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There's a splinter site?
Stop making me feel like an oldfag

Of course there's a splinter site, there's several

Kengle runs one, Russ tried making one, the CWCki hardliners made their own, lolcow farms exists and is still running, etc.
...How? I thought this site was hated because you can say fag and nigger. What's there to splinter off to, or about?

Can't link directly, but https://archive.md/ew0Ee

It's just where the banned posters gravitate to


I killed byuu lol
It makes sense now. I've never bothered with the lolcow stuff, I find it a bit pathetic tbh. Like high school bitchy slags moaning about other bitchy slags.

I'll stick to the thunderdome.

Thanks for the info though. Genuinely helpful, everyone is a winner!
Come down to off-topic sometime, we'd love to have you

Besides Q&A, of course