What is the weirdest music video you’ve ever seen? - Official or Unofficial

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In high school, I came home one day, finished my homework, and looked for anything good on TV. At the time, there was an over the air channel in the viewing area that listed itself as "Urban." In retrospect, its programming at that time comes across as stuff one might watch on BET.

Anyways, I stop on this channel and see what my teen self thought was the most bizarre music video I ever saw thanks to the combination of thugs, prostitutes, a police chase, and what looked like a little person as a pimp ?.

I'm not sure if I should be happy or :cryblood: to know I was correct about the song title, having found the video again on Youtube:
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This song sounded like a totally normal love song but then the music video turns it into a kidnapping with Elton John.

As a fanmade music video this has amazing energy that I don't understand.

This one I just don't understand at all, but I think a pedophile gets murdered at the end.


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That video for TOOL that they would play on MTV back in the day, it was like a grimy animated short film. Luna Slater meets Wallace & Gromit in silent hill.
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nobody has posted this? wow
I thought of it but I decided that I'd rather post some weird French-language music videos instead. (Okay, the one for "Isabelle" isn't that weird, it's just slight "magical realism".)

Another obvious choice for a mainstream "weird" music video.

It's the Rapture that happened only in this one specific traffic jam.

Far Queue


and every tool video ever made.
I'd throw a lot of GWAR videos in there as well. It probably seems pretty tame or even banal by modern standards, but back in the heyday of MTV, you'd struggle to find weirder shit. Here's one of their earlier videos:

They even had a few of the videos featured in Beavis and Butthead cartoons:

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