What is the worst thing about the right?


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Jan 23, 2019
In contrary to the thread what is the worst thing about the left, I decided to make this thread. I'll start off with mine:

There seems to be an infinite spiral that the right has entered where now instead of going further right and purging anyone who disagrees like the left does, the right instead keeps going further left and purging people who disagree with them with contradictory principles that leads me to believe that this is either a grift or it's just gain power principles be damned. Back then the right hated the idea of gay marriage and keeping the church and state separated. Nowadays they're all for gay marriage and it's totally fine if you want to marry in a church even if they don't approve. Abortions are bad. Well... I mean SOME abortions are bad, but there are good reasons.

You've seen this stuff with Jordan Peterson and that one woman, who was interviewed with the Daily Stormer even if she didn't support their ideals, where she was kicked out of a free speech event because of that reason. Charlie Kirk banned Nick Fuentes because he said bad things about Israel and the shady stuff they do behind the curtain. Ben Shapiro and the shit he did with James Allsup.

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Jul 30, 2021
The fact that there’s no such thing, at least not organically. “The Right” is just an artificial catch-all that anyone who disapproves of the Ruling Class is herded into so they can be isolated and marginalized. Of course, TPTB still want to give them an outlet to expend their energy and want to keep them spending money so they have their talking heads they can tune into and they have their “leaders” to vote for, same as the other “side”, but it’s all bullshit. About as real as WWE. I guess the worst thing about “The Right” is that none who accept that label realize any of this.


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Mar 19, 2018
Depends on the country. One of the issues I have with the right wing in the US is they ceded the majority of government offices to the left. I dislike “big” government but ultimately if you don’t fill the spots the other guy will. It’s not a surprise then that the government cracks down on non-progressives since progressives tend to fill the bureaucratic ranks.


Dec 17, 2019
How cucked they all are. Right wingers will forever bitch about how they are not in power and how "something needs to be done" and will immediately continue to financially support every corporation they routinely criticize. Tell them about it and they will cry about you fedposting because god forbid they act on what they say.

Basically if you complain at least don't be a weak willed faggot that gives his sheckels to Amazon.


Aug 20, 2021
Oh boy I can join this one.

The right like the left in terms of political divide has a "with us or against us" paradigm that sadly isn't going to be fixed. The best place you'll see this is within the firearm/2A community where you have constant fighting between /k/ fans, boomers from the neo republican side of things, and your Nicholas Fuentes types who think that cat boys would be allowed in the reich. There is no united front and trying to get them to fight for gun rights is like holding out two hammers and waving them around while wearing a blindfold in a fine China shop. Add to this, glownigger infiltration and the government trying to make a boogeyman out of something that either wasn't there or was so miniscule and limited that it wasn't an issue.

Alongside this, you got the general alienation of the firearm world from the right leaning types. If I had a dollar for every time my friend, James, a 2A activist got told that they were a coward for giving speeches and doing their damndest to try and make thing right for the better and not just being a nigger and shooting up a place, I'd have enough for a new SUV and comfy camping supplies.

Tl;dr The right is constantly splintered and screws people over who could have otherwise helped them.
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