What is the worst thing about the right?

Thomas Highway

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Mar 27, 2021
The anti abortion movement is probably the only Social Conservative issue that gets traction and wins. Mostly because of religious zeal. Namely abortion is murder and therefore america has legalized murder for the past fifty years.

Unless you have the same religious motivations and attitudes, abortion will not be something you are passionate about opposing.

I was raised Catholic and abortion was never really anything more than something that happens but is not discussed.

Mr Cuddles

Nov 12, 2020
Look, I don't deny that current culture is anti-white to a ridiculous extent. But you can be against the demonization of European civilization without coming off as a foaming-at-the-mouth loon. The issue is that *every single* supposedly optical "white advocate" eventually has that breakdown - think the Richard Spencer octaroon rant - which calls into question the whole idea.

I don't class Richard Spencer as a conservative or right wing, that guy is a plague. Think about it. Over the last 5/6 years he has been the biggest gift to the left they could ask for. He pushes politics that are too far right to ever get elected, holds a trap rally in Charlottesville and insists that everyone dress the same, then supports Biden in the last election trying to convince anyone whose dumb enough to still follow him to vote dem.

I suppose the question I would ask you, is who (in your opinion) effectively argues against things like CRT and anti-white discrimination that doesn't come of as a loon.