What is this year's October Surprise going to be? - Executive order 666: Gas the Jews?

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Every American election gets more and more hateful towards "the other side of America." This election so far is so crazy that the Democrats have resorted to promoting domestic terrorism and stirring up ugly race riots to inflame their fan base and possibly to influence their follows to assassinate Republican leadership.

I'm expecting a remarkable October surprise as we get closer to a historically divisive election.

Will Trump order marijuana reform? Will the Democrats, with backing from the US Military, seize the White House? Will the Illuminati finally reveal themselves?

This year, I'm expecting a massive coordinated something from all the social media, mostly likely feigning surprise and offense at Donald Trump taking a hardline stance on domestic terrorism, or something equally unacceptable to today's violence-motivated left that craves racial revolution. Donald Trump will be banned from both Facebook and Twitter while they clutch their pearls and scream, "he's gone too far!"


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Banning Halloween because it hurts trannies, and also the Charlie Brown Halloween special gets banned because him as a ghost is racist against black people. Then Pac Man and the Fatal Frame games get banned along with anything with ghosts in it because of chinese influence and more attacks against "racism."
After this (((certain people))) larp as midwesterners and poison black children trick or treating to fume more racial violence. During the unrest a bill gets passed that says 99% of all candy collected from white and Asian kids have to be handed to black children, but only after they pass inspection from a (((local community))) which will take their pounds of flesh.
When the intensity is as bright as an orange sun, this is when hurricane season kicks back in and giant man-killing halloween pumpkins from Dimension O are swept in by the winds and rain, knocking people so hard they become piles of green goo.
Cthulhu sees this and is about to invade, then sees k-pop and goes back to slumber.

Just a guess based on socioeconomic theories combined with eating too many pop tarts and energy drinks at 4 in the morning.

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The lockdowns will continue as they groom the public to have their rights violated any time the government says "virus". America's coming zombie economy will make even Japan blush, but it will be delayed until after the election with disgusting Fiat printing. Biden's brain will continue to die pre-elections, and Trump will continue tweeting while sacrificing his base to the Jew fucking his daughter..

Harbinger of Kali Yuga

Your city lies in dust, my friend
Jesus Christ what a shit thread.
Yeah yeah, I went on a soapbox a bit, but this is going to be one of the most heated elections we have ever had, and we're already having proxy riots over it. Might as well get our predictions in now so we can point back to them and talk about how smart we are.

Well I can certainly assure you what won't be the surprise : Donald Trump's tax returns.

At this point, the only things the Left could do that would be a surprise would either be to call for secession or a constitutional convention. They've pretty much exhausted almost all legal means to embarrass Trump.
Secession would be talked about if Donald Trump wins. If DT wins the witchhunts will accelerate. Their goal is to marginalize and humiliate all opposition. They're ruthless and the Republicans are toothless. Everyone goes on about how tough Trump is but even he misses more shots than he takes.

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Considering the shit that's already happened, and it's not even July yet, they're going to have to detonate a suitcase nuke.

But I'm predicting that what actually happens is forces within the DOJ and Democrats try to file criminal charges against Trump finding him legally responsible for the Coronavirus somehow (words like "gross criminal negligence" or something similar will probably be used), that are completely legally unsound but push forward anyway because there are very rich and powerful institutions behind them. Because fuck it, that's just how we roll now in the stars n' stripes legal system. If not that, it will be some other bullshit trumped up (pardon the pun) charges. Legal harassment based on bullshit has been the name of the game his entire presidency.

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From the Dem side: More riots. George Floyd's killers' trial of the century will spark riots if they are found not guilty, found guilty but of a lesser offense. If they are found guilty of the max charges, there will be riots to celebrate. And then more riots if they aren't given the death penalty immediately. Another video of Trump getting golden showers from Russian hookers will get leaked. (Leaked :smug:)

From the Republicans: Arresting advisors and other people close to Hillary Clinton in an attempt to demonstrate that Trump is really going to lock her up this time. For realz, guyz! He'll change Columbus Day to Latinx Explorers' Day in an attempt to honor diversity. In a last ditch effort to save Mt. Rushmore from terrorism peaceful protesting, he'll commit to funding the addition of the greatest civil rights leader of all times to Mt. Rushmore: George Floyd.

Russia and China: They will be duking it out behind the scenes in an all out bot war to influence the election. They will be upstaged, however, by South Korea's secret weapon: kpop fans. The kpop fans will waste their time spamming demands for the National Anthem to be replaced with a BTS song and proposing that BTS leader RM be annointed as President of the world.

Mother Nature: Corona-chan is going to wipe out 1/4 of the US population, primarily BIPOC and their white allies because the Wu flu dngaf if you're on the right side of history or attending a Trump rally. This may give Trump an edge, but the Dems could successfully force another complete quarantine before election and require the use of computers to request a mail in ballot which might knock out a lot of AARP voters, hurting the Republicans.

Space Aliens: They are current monitoring the situation. No plans to intervene as we don't yet have the ability to travel through space and infect other life forms with our stupidity. Elon Musk could single-handedly force their hand if he is not reigned in, though.


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The left will try and get Vote By Mail legalized nation wide. That interstate voting compact will get ratified.

Trump will probably try and push for Legalizing weed nationwide, or at least lay the ground work for it so he can complete it in his second term. The interstate voting compact will work against the left as Trump wins the popular vote. The states apart of the compact try and give their electoral votes to Biden. If it works, White people will protest with guns. The Media will call them Domestic Terrorists (again). Trump challenges it legally. He wins, because he's the God Emperor.


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Zuckerberg met with Trump and is now only flagging right wing posts (Except White Nationalists who get banned). Trump's more likely to get a Twitter ban than Facebook.

The October Surprise won't be as eventful as October. Trump isn't as hostile to the Establishment as some thought and they used most of their ammo against him in 2016. It'll be a snoozefest compared to 2016. But I'm still looking forward to the debates. Biden can barely keep it together. I wanna see him fall apart Live.

If Biden wins he'll croak and will get whoever his VP is. He said it'll be a woman so I wonder who it'll be.


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I've said this before but I still think there's another Pussy Tape out there. After it was released, there was talk of massive teams combing through thousands of hours of media archives. But nothing else ever came of it.
I think the real reason is it was just too close to the election to find another, but I believe in the intervening four years they've found something else and will release it right before the election. I don't think it will actually hurt his chances and will be pretty much along the same lines as the pussy tape, but it won't hurt to try.
For added fun, maybe the Republicans will come up with some more information on Biden's sex pestering.