What is to be done if you are among the Right in America?

Where are you on the Stages of Grief that Trump was never going to build a wall?

  • He tried, but it was those dirty democrats!

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  • When we re-elect him, he'll git-er-done!

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  • We just didn't meme hard enough, r/The_Donald forever!

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  • Trust. The. Plan. Unironically and honestly, this is the way. Its like Star Wars you see..

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  • Something is going to happen, and then the moral majority are going to stand up and fix things.

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  • I might not vote third party, but it would be cool if you did because then so would I.

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  • Only an alternative culture, without the permission—or support—of authorities is really America.

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Aug 1, 2021
1. Develop our own institutions that are both self sustaining and capable of providing capable leaders, activists and policy makers.
2. Freeing ourselves as much as possible from the system.
3. Continuing our “evangelical” work, waking people up and getting them to see things going on. This gets tiresome and sometimes I think there is some sort of ceiling where the maximum of red pilling within the general population has been done, but then there are always still receptive normies. At least for now.
4. Get over the American habit of anti intellectualism. I don’t like Ph.Ds in tranny dance theory and I don’t think we have to give legitimacy to the numerous leftist “studies” to stop having a disdain for intellectual work.
5. Entryism where possible. The Republican Party exists to manage the White population, not represent it. But getting our people into the party helps broaden the reach and implicit legitimacy of our ideas. We should never expect to win an election on them ourselves but altering the course of the party will help in other ways.
6. Working out issues of religion-this is the biggest wedge issue in far right circles today. Because quite frankly “Jew on a stick” and “Christ the King” are incompatible factions. Atheists and pagans aren’t going to convince the Christian Right that Christianity is degenerate/a jewish plot/weakened White particularism or whatever and the Christian Right is not going to convince Nietzchean atheist rightists and Neo pagans why they should embrace Calvinism or Catholicism(as a whole, that is, individuals may change their views from one side to another).
7. Going beyond bargain bin populism and WNism. We need a vision of the future, something to inspire people to work for, live for and if necessary die for. Simply advocating a “white ethnostate” or trumpian populist policies-as good as things are they don’t pull upon people’s hearts and minds that they would(en masse) charge the breach bayonet in hand for them. Agreeing on what that vision is and practical steps on how to get there is critical.
8. Deception if necessary. Fact is some people need to be lead around by the nose, and telling them the truth will make them buckle and run away like an unbridled horse. We have to dispense with this obsession with truth when it comes to pragmatic politics. If we have to bullshit Qanon believers into being meatshields for us, then so much the better!
9. Finding a balance between optimism, pessimism and realism. Baleful Doomerism is quite often reflective of reality as it is-but we need to dispense with that if we wish to change what is, rather than just commiserate over how much it sucks.
10. Division of labor-people should work different crowds and with different “brands” or focuses to achieve the same goals. We need to avoid a cats in the bag scenario where everyone is doing the same thing, or everyone is going off in their own direction with no coordination.

@Evo i saw you in this thread, your thoughts?

If you are right-wing, do you think the federal government were legitimately elected, do you think the republicans can still fix society, do you think third parties could get elected, or are things so bad that you think that there are no political solutions anymore?

I don’t think it matters, the federal government is inimical to our interests and goes out of its way to remind of this every minute of every day.
2. Hell no. Republicans don’t do anything but pass tax cuts and support whatever Dem or Leftist degeneracy was avante garde ten years ago.
3. Not in the American system no. Maybe in some locales but not really.
4. What do you mean by “no political solutions”? If you mean mass slaughter and revolution and civil war then yes, that is a solution and is probably the most effective one. If undesirable for a few reasons(the slaughter itself, the possibility of losing, and so on) If you mean some sort of “Benedict option” than no. Our enemies will not let us live quietly even those of us who wish to do so. If you mean political solution in “elect the right guy and all will be fixed” then no there are no political solutions.*

*A supernaturally empowered and effective dictator on the other hand, who can make all things right, is another matter. A perfect ruler, a king, an emperor who will be our shepherd and our lord, and for whom we will be his forever, that is something else. A messiah. And perhaps…we need a messiah.
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Dec 18, 2019
I change my political opinions based on who I want to troll or fuck with, for once I will be square with you for a honest answer.
I'm right of center, who hangs on to America's old ways and values to heart above all other politics and ideals. Its my firm belief that we are a occupied country, controlled more by global corporations and international politics then a political leaning in one direction or the other.
We are not at a point yet where this can't be fixed, as the majority of the corruption is at the federal level and not at state or local levels. Seperation of powers and checks/balances are still working even though they have been greatly diminished in recent years, its just a matter of getting the correct people back in power willing to enforce them.


Everything is political whether you deny it or not
Nov 25, 2021
There is nothing you can do immediately. The surveillance state and moral bankruptcy of the authoritarian establishment have seen to that. Any immediate change requires the use of violence, but that is too likely to fail and will only allow the state to further divide the populous and increase it's own authority.

All you can do is flee the cities, find a quality person to breed with, and have many children (four is ideal, we need to outpace immigration) whom you teach to think critically and to value liberty.

Document everything you have seen happen in your lifetime, and that you will see, as best you can, as well as the evidence of what connects those things and what allowed those things to transpire. Make sure your children see these things, and that your grandchildren see them, too. But make sure that your documentation captures the silver linings in tragedy. The rival gang members setting aside their rivalries and volunteering for the military after 9/11. Contractors building ramps for the disabled after Waukesha. People coming together in the face of evil to authentically build back better.

Teach them tech skills
Teach them small-scale farming like gardening and raising chickens.
Teach them firearms skills and defensive tactics
Teach them about the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Teach them about art
Teach them about opposing political views, too. And teach them this honestly so they draw their own conclusions.
Teach them history.
Teach them conservation.
Teach them Austrian-school economics.
Teach them real biology.
Teach them tolerance.
Raise them non-denominational Christians led by the Bible and not church doctrines.
Bring them to the city often and have them volunteer among the homeless.
Have them regularly donate the things they no longer use to charity, and take them to do this themselves.
Make sure they understand civic responsibility and voluntarism.

And make sure that your documentation is hard-copy and digital. With several hard copies so that you can't easily lose them. If you're lucky, you can find enough like-minded individuals to draw to a small area and take it over, like the Free-State Project in New Hampshire. But keep your political activities quiet and offline. One of the biggest failures of the FSP people was announcing their arrival and intent to push things in a libertarian direction. Democrats in New Hampshire reacted predictably, labeling these people in the media as a threat and calling for laws restricting individual liberty specifically to counter the FSP and push them out of the state.

As your children age and become independent, enter politics. You don't have to be a politician, but be part of the political process.


Everything is political whether you deny it or not
Nov 25, 2021
The political right needs to become significantly more technologically literate. The left spent an entire decade adapting to modern technologies and web platforms, which basically allowed them to infect all these new institutions that were rapidly popping up.

We need a right-wing tech capital.
You forget that they controlled the old establishments, too, and have always been at the root of disenfranchisement and controlled thought.

"Mad About Dungeons and Dragons" - Democrats upset about new games that taught children the skills necessary for independence (that only could emerge due to the fuel crisis and stagflation of democrat policies)

"Electronic Software Ratings Board" - Came about to control what messages kids would see and what kinds of fun they could have due to a senate committee chaired, dominated by, and brought together by Democrats. The news media discusses this in the wake of Mortal Kombat, Doom, and Lethal Enforcers, but the conversation was happening behind the scenes or else Sega wouldn't have instituted the "Video Games Rating Council" voluntarily at least FIVE years before the ESRB was established.

"Parental Advisory Warning" Labels on music releases - Democrat inspired and led moral panic to restrict new and emerging music to limit the messages children would be exposed to. And keep in mind who Tipper Gore was married to.

"The Comics Code" - Established by a quartet of two RINOs and two Democrats in response to the book "The Seduction of Innocence" written in 1954 by a Kraut who was invited to the US during the inter-war period. The Comics Code was so restrictive on what could be published that when Stan Lee tried to publish an anti-drugs comic featuring Spider-Man it was rejected, but Stan Lee felt so strongly that the message had to get out that he published the comic without the code label.

Notice a trend here? In each of these instances, we see Democrats restricting and controlling thoughts and ideas, suppressing speech and ideas "for public health" while using the media to say that Conservatives were suffering from a "moral panic", thereby using the media to drive a wedge between children and their parents and to divide adults between those in favor of and those against whatever they were whining about.

Sound familiar?