What is your absolute dystopia? - You don't need to tell me, I already know....I am watching you and I know what's best for you.....


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The increasingly probable future where social credit scores become mainstream.

I'm not surprised Orwell is the one most people jump to but what people forget in 1984 is that the Proles were mostly left alone. We're presented with a Party members view of the class but from the outside looking in they seemed to regularly avoid the restrictions and regulations of the party; Prostitution for example was banned in the Party but all the Proles were buying and selling cheap pussy. Now thats because the Proles had next to no power or any form of agency, it had been stripped from them by the control the Party had over the context of society; Oceania was paradise to the Proles because they had no idea just how bad they really had it. A cage without bars is still a cage, but the animals within are comforted by the lack of steel between them and the sky.

But a world where China style social credit takes over? You SEE that cage. A constant, everpresent number measuring our worth and deciding just how much of society we are allowed access to. The guillotine is always over your head, ticking down with every wrong thought and even worse its a guillotine that could be sent swinging straight for your neck by anyone around you. Proles didnt snitch on Proles because nobody cares about Proles. Every trick and trap in 1984 is aimed at members of the Party, not the Proles. There is no serf class to hide amongst in Neo-China because the serfs are all as plugged in as the elite. In a world where every man has a smartphone you can never escape judgement.

Now I'd fucking kill for us to end up in Sprawl tier Cyberpunk, because Gibson made that whole world look baller as fuck. But i doubt we'll ever get voodoo AI gods, 80s aesthetics and space Jamaicans.

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Ancapistan. It's just baffling to me that there are people who legitimately crave a society where everyone acts like a greedy sociopath to each other all the time, and for some reason think that the abolishment off all consumer protections will make people more free instead of making the vast majority into explicitly freedomless McSerfs only allowed to use their McDollars at their owner's McStore.

Well yes, any society you can think of that has a possibility of existing on Earth.
So not the One True Socialism then?


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Booty gorilla nigger noise becoming our nation's national anthem.

Straights being hunted down and oppressed by faggots and troons

Anime becoming more and more "diverse" where every cosplayer is a genderfluid whateverthefuck bullshit artist. (unfortunately it's already there)

Mexicans overtaking America

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My personal dystopia would probably be one where I'm given a house in the suburbs and some wife and kids and a stable desk job. You set me up with all that and it's a really good way to get me to shoot myself.

In terms of society I guess dystopia would be a woke dictatorship. Pol Pot except with trannys and dangerhairs, no thanks.


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Something my introduction to politics professor told us sticks with me. Paraphrased, "When you can do anything outside the bounds of law under the name of democracy, it's no longer democracy, but anarchy."

Sounds wonderful, right? But no, it would probably lead to a new set of apeshit tyrants.

And honestly, I don't want to be ruled by a group of unimaginative busybodies who rip out fiction and dreams because they aren't woke or profitable or whatever they can cook up.


Imagine if you will an Internal Security Force like the Stasi where 25-33% of the population were active informants
Imagine if you will that you get a UBI and Free housing: But that only allowed you to live in a human coop and eat the bugs and ride government provided public transportation
Imagine if you will that to get any luxuries [and real food] you need to get Social Good boy bucks
The better your job, the better your good boy bucks
The better your degree the better your good boy bucks
The better your politics the better your good boy bucks
The better your lifestyle the better your good boy bucks
The more you post about being a good boy on social media the better your good boy bucks
The more you do financial decisions online [with good boy bucks] the better your good boy bucks
Imagine if you will your access to media is determined by your good boy bucks score
Imagine if you will your ability to own a car or to leave via any method of convince is determined by your good boy bucks score
Imagine if you will that if you don't consume the right product [at the right time] your good boy bucks go down
Imagine if you will that if you do [or don't] support the right charities at the right time your good boy bucks go down
Imagine if you will that if you don't have devices that monitor you for good boy buys that your good boy bucks go down
Imagine if you will that if you avoid places where good boy bucks are monitored your score goes down
Imagine if you will that your good boy bucks go down if you don't get necessary repairs on your products [or necessary medical care] on the days assigned to you
Imagine that if you associate with some one with a bad GBB score your score goes down
Imagine that if you are only allowed to breed with some one with a GBB score that improves yours and has optimal genetics to yours. Any attempt to do so would crater both of your GBB scores
Imagine that after the age of 21 you are only allowed to date some one who you could breed with.Any attempt to do so would crater both of your GBB scores
Imagine if your GBB score is "sub optimal" after the age of 25 your committing suicide would raise collectively the GBB of all your friends and family and with every decade of suboptimality the benefit to everyone else in killing yourself goes up


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Everything you say and do is monitored and policed to bring you "in line" with what a handful of elites want you to say and do. There is no leisure time, only endless labor followed by collapsing in a heap at the end of the day, only to repeat the process endlessly until you expire at which point you will be cremated unceremoniously and promptly forgotten. Your kids are not taught, they are trained and indoctrinated. You don't remember anymore what it's like to have an ounce of freedom of any sort, you have no real ties to your family and offspring as you are in competition with all of them from day one and the state takes your kids from you as soon as they leave the breast.

You are kept suitably medicated on whatever is prescribed for you, you feel little but fear and exhaustion until you feel nothing at all. You are a cog in a machine lubricated and fueled by the blood of your fellow man, lacking in any purpose but service to the elites. You have no appreciation for art, as art does not feed you, make you less tired, or free you in any meaningful fashion and you only read instructions and warnings. You never see the sky anymore, as you are shuttered in a building for most of your waking hours.
I think it'd be worse without the labor. An automated hellscape with no work, only endless hours of "leisure" because people have become superfluous but for some reason the state doesn't just kill them. You aren't allowed to create anything, that could undermine the state. You just sit there, a slug, consuming.

Maybe the only thing worse than that is backbreaking labor without purpose. A cog in a machine whose sole purpose is to turn the cogs. Millions of people whose only purpose is to dig deep holes, only to fill them in the next day, or to lift heavy shit out of one storage shed and bring it to another, only to bring it all back.

At least in yours, somebody could be useful to the state, maybe take a little pride in that. Without work, or with meaningless work, there is nothing of the sort.


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A world without the beauty of nature.

One of the few things I agree with the modern libs on is that the environment is worth protecting. My dream is to build a cabin in one of the more isolated sections of the Cumberland Gap and live out my twilight years in the midst of the beauty of God's creation. Looking around me, I realize it might actually be possible that there won't be enough space for me to live out that dream by the time I'm in my 70s. By the time my grandchildren are that old, it's possible that the only 'nature' left will be national parks.


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A world without the beauty of nature.
You'd hate where I live in real life. It's like a giant strip mall of strip malls. There's nothing around here but pavement, corporate-looking buildings, and landscaping. There's so much light pollution that only a handful of the brightest celestial bodies are visible at night. The only sounds are pretty much just running motors (the city never sleeps) and human activity. Pretty much the only things around here that are free are breathing (polluted air) and sunshine (through polluted skies) -- for now.

The future envisioned by Blob Chipman.
tl;dr: where I live IRL is the Chipman dream come true