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Unassuming Local Guy

Friendly and affectionate
To this day, I am still perplexed by this line.
It's a reference to a joke that, as far as I can tell, he made up himself and never actually wrote down until later. So basically it was an in-joke that only he was in on. Whether he understood this or not is unclear.

The joke is based on the fact that Whateverchu took the form of a meteor in that scene. The "punchline" is something like "you sure had to tell those cavemen twice". You see, it's funny because of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. And, according to Chris, the cavemen. That's not historically accurate, but it's what he believes, so at least the joke has a form of internal consistency.

David Brown

"Chris, your fereal- your real name, as I have been told by Kacey, is only Chris Chandler. NO -TIAN! NO -TOPHER! Just CHRIS!"