What is your favorite delusional moment from DSP? - He constantly innovates, but let's try to collect some.

Do you think DSP believes his own lies?

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Monday Michiru

The Washing of Dishes
After his little "second best Deejay in the fucking world" outburst, I got to thinking and wondered what ideas the other kiwis had on the subject. This tweet from after the second Twitch suspension is my personal favorite; I still remember my hand flew over my mouth when I saw this was a real thing this narcissist actually posted. And I'm an experienced DSP stalker. What a leech!



In a way it's a kind of perverted charisma; few decent people anticipate someone acting with that level of dishonesty or divorce from reality.

Dig deep and try to recall some real head-turning incidents when our gout-addled subject tooted his own horn too loudly.


In the vlog where he explains why Machinima let him go, there's one part where he says that what he thinks what happened was that Machinima was bringing up his issue at a meeting with Youtube as a side issue, getting a quick answer, then moving on to the rest of the agenda of the meeting. He goes on to say that he told Machinima they need to have a meeting with Youtube specifically about him.
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A Witty Name

A Witty Title
True & Honest Fan
(After getting banned from blip.tv for extreme racism)

"Holy shit, this guy fucking is so jealous of my popularity and the fact that for 4 or 5 months now yeah I've been able to turn this into a business per say and been able to support myself that he is fucking reporting me falsely to websites to try and get me banned and fuck me over so I have to stop doing this for a living. Wow, you are a shithead."


Basic Understanding Of Time
Paraphrasing this.
After his first temp ban: "Twitch loves me and my streams. I'm basically untouchable right now, there is no point in reporting me". And gets his second suspension for harassment.

The mental gymnastics are like pro olympics. And I'm confident he still thinks the exact same way.

Zack the ripper

Super villain
a moment i like was when he was going on about blue haired streamers and how they are the opposite of him the alpha male who is confrontational man's man
then i remembered how he pussied out on that guy from the fgc who wanted to fight him lol


"THIS GAME IS FULL CIRCLE FOR ME! I can't wait to start this game next week because I'm gonna be getting HYOOJ views because the other games in the series got HYOOJ views for me back in 2010 and 2012. It's gonna BOOM and I'm gonna have a ton of money and it'll bring people back in droves." - DSP about a new release which he gets 400 views on.

Granted he usually gets 600 - 800 views in the first hour of his stream of the new game. They give him a chance, but they drop hard when they see how boring he is.

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