What is your favorite desserts? -


My sister makes this really great tiramisu, with the zabaglione and everything. Oh someone mentioned churros and that's the only other one that's my favorite.


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Soft serve ice cream. I have fond memories of going to Ritas as a little girl, since it's the place my mom would always take me whenever I get good grades on tests and assignments. I actually live near a place not even five blocks away that serves soft-serve ice cream, and it's fucking amazing.


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Where do I even begin? I'm an insatiable fiend for chocolate so anything chocolaty and rich makes me happy. I do love fruit and berries so homemade fruit pies and turnovers with some vanilla ice cream is pretty magical.
For a very rare indulgance there's a little place a town over that has mediocre food but absolutly amazing desserts. The best things are the Shanty Pie -a big ol serving of mint chip ice cream on oreo cookie crust with hot fudge sauce - and the Peanut Butter Pie- vanilla and peanut butter cup ice cream on a graham cracker crust with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce. My mom and I once ordered both and were left in a food coma for the next few hours. It was very worth it.
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