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So I've been wondering about instruments lately. After playing around in Musescore for a bit, making RPG tracks for the hell of it, I noticed that I used a lot of the piano in my compositions, followed by a C trumpet and the accordion, oddly enough. I don't count the human voice as an instrument, though that is used a lot as well. These tracks were supposed to fit a medieval snowy setting, but I digress. Basically, what's your favourite instrument?

I like the piano because you can play just about anything on it, and/or make anything that you can't play on it sound good on it. It makes a great backup to a lot of instruments and I've found myself listening to piano arrangements of tracks on that one MarioVerehrer channel on Youtube quite a lot.

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A toss between the trumpet (which I play) and the Hammond Organ (which I want to learn to play eventually.)
I just love the Hammond in progressive rock.


Coolest: Clarinet, Electric Guitar

Funiest: Trumpet, Drums, Banjo

"Sexiest": Saxophone


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For me, it's a tie between synthesizer (Buchla 200E), duduk, or dulcimer.

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The Legend of Zelda games made me want to learn how to play the ocarina. They are much more difficult to play than the video games make them seem, however.

A college course in world music has made me appreciate the African mbira, the Indian sitar, and the Indonesian gamelan. I also enjoy Tibetan singing bowls, ever since I discovered them at a local renaissance festival. I apparently have a thing for otherworldly-sounding foreign musical instruments. :biggrin:
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Of the instruments I play, I have the deepest affection for the organ.
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I love playing trombone. 2nd favorite is probably tuba. And I keep telling myself that I'll learn to play my ukulele eventually.
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The djembe drum.

Versatile, portable, and easy to learn. It took me all of two days to get it down pat in the SCA & join a drum circle. It can range from subtle backbeats to full-bore percussion mayhem. I love it.

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Uilleann Pipes, they're like the Irish version of Bagpipes


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Any emphasis on strings tends to make me 10x more inclined to like a song. Violin, cello, bass, etc. Favorite overall probably drums, most interesting would be the oboe due to how stupidly hard it seems like it'd be to play (and I'll second the theremin and didgeridoo as well)