What is your favourite instrument? -

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I'm a generic as fuck guitarist, but generally I'm in love with everything that has strings, bars or keyboards. I also adore wind instruments, trumpets in particular. Still, if I had to pick an instrument that can't have strings, I'd probably go for the good old harmonica.

Saxaphone,I don't know why perhaps it's my love for smooth jazz but the Sax is super cool.
This might not be smooth jazz per se, but damn do I love me some Zak Barrett!
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Cello. I recently started playing one again after a fifteen-year hiatus, and it's every bit as enjoyable an instrument as I remember it being.


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So I haven't really even tried to play an instrument in ages, and I've never been good at it, but right now I'm pretty interested in Digital Audio Workstations just for the whole "Do literally everything yourself with your computer" aspect. I downloaded the demo version of Reason and when I have more time I want to dick around with it a bit.

I'm also a sucker for melodic rock and metal that makes use of synthesizers and strings. So I guess synthesizers are my favorite instrument.

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Hey I play saxophone too! I got a lot of instruments, and there are a ton that I'd love to learn. The one I wish I had always tried though was the oboe. I find the instrument absolutely marvelous and unique in its tone and timbre. The real reason I want to learn it though would be to get my hands on this thing:

This is the English horn. Its in the double reed family and shares many similarities with the oboe. The attractive thing to me is that it sounds precisely like the oboe but is about an octave lower. It lands in that realm of not too low that you only feel it but not too high it pierces your brain.


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Sax & Violins.

I have a Stylophone, it's fun but make sure to grab a bottle of brasso to keep the keys and stylus polished.
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I am good at alto and tenor saxophone.

I played alto all through junior high and high. I stopped in college and didn’t get back into it u til after this Christmas.