What is your favourite instrument? -

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I have played both Bass, Guitar, Perc, classical Piano and Omnichord for ~18 years now and I have to say I am in love with the Omni and think it needs more attention.
It's somewhat like a keyboard, synth guitar and launch pad as one instrument, and if you have a decent one, you can amp it up to make some amazing music. If you haven't heard it before, I implore you to explore it's musical potential.



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I have a personal bias for strings, or anything that has a droning sound to it. I used to play the violin, and in the future I would like to try my hand at recreating a medieval symphony (what are now called hurdy gurdys)

bagpipes are also really sweet, but I've never had the chance to play one
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I remember getting assigned to play viola for middle school and being pretty miffed about not getting to play cello for a while. Violas grew on me, but there's something about cellos I've found alluring for a long time.

Bassoons are also really cool to me for whatever reason. Also also the various recorders are kind of underrated.

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Is this where I argue if digital instruments are instruments or not? I mean, I play other instruments too.


I'm a beatboxer and I just looooove the loop station, the RC-505 model to be specific.

You can make some serious magic with that thing.

Check this out.
The guy who starts at 3:30 is insane.

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My faves are string instruments in the violin family, but I have a special love for cello.
I dont play anything myself, I prefer singing, but I like the idea of sitting with a cello and noodling in those lost hours of the night. Ah, what I would do in a different life.

This man makes magic with the cello:

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Honestly I could never pick one, but anything used in bluegrass really gets me off.

Trey Anastasio and Jerry Garcia on electric guitar can make me forget other music even exists.
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