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Not a fan of stuffed crust personally. I feel there's plenty of cheese and bread with the main part of the pizza as is. A bit of fresh parmesan or asiago baked on top of the crust with some herbs and seasonings I think creates a better balance. Maybe have some garlic butter or herbs/olive oil to dip with it.


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You mean cheese stuffed crust? Pretty good but you know what else is good that more people/places should make?

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On searching for this image, I found out Freschetta has since discontinued this masterpiece. Absolute heresy
That looks like heaven.

Never had stuffed crust. It always looked appetizing in commercials, though. Of course, fast food commercials make everything look appetizing.
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Stuffed crust is good, if you make it yourself, try smoked cheese sticks.

Another good way to go is Hungry Howie's if you got one. Their schtick is sprinkling heavy seasonings on the crust, garlic and herb, butter cheese, Cajun etc. Really good combo is Asiago and sesame seed. With out the liquid sauce to insulate it, the Asiago on the crust bakes to a crisp and is the best part of the pizza.


I think people need to cool it with cheese sonetimes. I like cheese. Not everything needs a fuck ton of cheese just like everything doesn't need bacon on it.
I agree when it comes to bacon, i find bacon can be good but very meh on a lot of things, i find cheese and bread to be one of my favorite combo's however things like cheese soup, in most cases that shit ain't hittin.


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I have one in the oven. Broke on the way home so I stuck it in a heavy-duty pan so the cheese won't pour everywhere.
It's not bad. My issues with it are more issues with DiGririonio in general, the cheese crust part was enjoyable. The fact it didn't ooze out at all despite being broken is a little offputting lol.
Probably gonna try Costco's version or something from a different brand.
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They're okay every now and again but I prefer the standard thin crust. Maybe brushed with a garlic and herb butter mixture before baking but that's it.
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They can be fun to eat but they're just unfuckable when they get a bit too cold so the cheese becomes kind of just inside the crust all sad and rubbery.
I haven't had them in a while, I prefer a thick and fluffy crust to finish off the slice, preferably flavored or just very well made pizza dough. They'd have be utter trash for me to avoid which is almost never the case for me

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