What i've noticed after losing 75lbs (05/20/20) -

beautiful person

She's talking about her laygs!

The lipedema isn't improving and the "roll" on her right ankle is getting worse.

Edit: She's basically talking about a lot of the gross and embarrassing things she was experiencing at almost 600 pounds. A lot of it was already speculated, but now she's confirming it, so on the off chance that she gains it all back (slim odds, I know :tomgirl:), we'll know for a fact how her life is.
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all i see is a thumbnail of ham mountain leaning forwards then leaning backwards.

is this another trick you learned hamby?

like how closer = bigger and farther = smaller?

edit: summary- Amber has lost 75 pounds as im sure you were all unaware of, now she is totally fine and is completely like a normal person
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