What i've noticed after losing 75lbs (05/20/20) -

Logical Fallacies

Anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
Taking this for face value and pretending she is not lying for sympathy:

She didn't learn all these things when she lost those 89 lbs that time she was living with Krystle's parents?

That life gets easier once you lose weight should have been obvious to her. It was obvious to all her "haydurs" who told her to lose weight for years. Hell, people who are only slightly overweight and lose weight, realize that shit gets better when you are in your normal weight range. There's a reason why being obese is considered bad by the medical community. Because being obese is more than just having a big body. Obesity has a million negative side effects.

But well, since Amber is not a very smart person, I still want to congratulate her for apparently only taking 4 years to learn what a person with normal intelligence probably understood the first time their doctor told them.

She's still going to get fucked hard by her lymphedema like a porn star in a gangbang.

Thumb Butler

"Make America Great Again"... oh!
I couldn't imagine being a woman at that weight, losing seventy-five pounds and having another thousand to go. THEN having all that Hefty-bag loose skin hanging off you... and the surgery to remove THAT to look forward to.
It's very sad. She needs to realize that the problem is not "internet haters" (they are merely reacting to whatever she puts out and have no real impact on her situation kind of deal) - but herself and her three enablers.


maybe becky's fugue state was triggered by being forced to roll hamber over on pillow mountain because she couldn't do it herself. that kind of shit cripples nurses with actual medical training who are unfortunate enough to get assigned to deathfat patients.
didn't Becky's back go out at some point - my mind straight to 'what if when she was zoned out it was because of painkillers?' but that is just speculation - don't come at me with a Snapback rant