What job would you be least suited to do? - Or what job would you hate the most.


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I would make the world's worst soldier:

- I'm a massive coward
- I have flat feet, a bad back and dysfunctional kidneys
- I have a very low tolerance for boredom
- I can't sleep in communal dorms
- I probably couldn't kill someone unless my family was in danger
- I really hate being told what to do

However, whilst I would make a useless soldier, the job I would hate the most is bus driver. Even though I could probably be passably mediocre at it, it is as if someone designed me my own personal hell:

- Driving in dense urban traffic, which stresses me the fuck out
- Unpredictable and short-notice shift changes which would destroy my social life and my sleep patterns
- Long shifts without toilet breaks (dodgy kidneys remember)
- No privacy
- Any mistake would be expensive, and possibly fatal
- Really shitty pay, especially given the above

and most importantly:

- Dealing 24/7 with the kind of people who ride the bus. Dozens of them at a time.

What would you suck at?

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I'd be a pretty terrible carpenter, because I never took shop class. Like I couldn't build a footstool or magazine rack without breaking down in tears.
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I'd be reasonably good at heavy item unloader for about a year, at which point I kill myself due to the constant, unending physical pain.

I'd be absolutely terrible as a car detailer, since my hands are wiggly and jiggly. Alternate examples: tatoo artist, neurosurgeon, gun slinger.
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Least suited? Anything that requires a good appearance. Not to say that I am ugly per se, but let us call it "rustically weathered."

Job I hate the most? Tough one, public facing jobs are unpleasant. However, the 1-2 punch of cut-throat politics and unwieldy bureaucracy of political campaign middle management is particularly harsh. I can do the job. I have before. I just hate it immensely.