What job would you be least suited to do? - Or what job would you hate the most.


I would make the world's worst soldier:

- I'm a massive coward
- I have flat feet, a bad back and dysfunctional kidneys
- I have a very low tolerance for boredom
- I can't sleep in communal dorms
- I probably couldn't kill someone unless my family was in danger
- I really hate being told what to do

However, whilst I would make a useless soldier, the job I would hate the most is bus driver. Even though I could probably be passably mediocre at it, it is as if someone designed me my own personal hell:

- Driving in dense urban traffic, which stresses me the fuck out
- Unpredictable and short-notice shift changes which would destroy my social life and my sleep patterns
- Long shifts without toilet breaks (dodgy kidneys remember)
- No privacy
- Any mistake would be expensive, and possibly fatal
- Really shitty pay, especially given the above

and most importantly:

- Dealing 24/7 with the kind of people who ride the bus. Dozens of them at a time.

What would you suck at?

The Shadow

The Shadow knows!
I'd be a pretty terrible carpenter, because I never took shop class. Like I couldn't build a footstool or magazine rack without breaking down in tears.
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Resident God-Emperor
Anything that requires customer service. Retail and restaurants being a basic example. I fucking hate incompetent people with a passion. On top of that, I'm pretty autistic when people get mad at me, tend to laugh at really bad times if someone yells at me.

Lou Wrong

Butthurt about Buddyloids
I'd be reasonably good at heavy item unloader for about a year, at which point I kill myself due to the constant, unending physical pain.

I'd be absolutely terrible as a car detailer, since my hands are wiggly and jiggly. Alternate examples: tatoo artist, neurosurgeon, gun slinger.
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Deep Penetrator
Least suited? Anything that requires a good appearance. Not to say that I am ugly per se, but let us call it "rustically weathered."

Job I hate the most? Tough one, public facing jobs are unpleasant. However, the 1-2 punch of cut-throat politics and unwieldy bureaucracy of political campaign middle management is particularly harsh. I can do the job. I have before. I just hate it immensely.

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