What job would you be least suited to do? - Or what job would you hate the most.

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PL 001

Retail. Did it when I was younger. Never again. I'm too old and have too short a fuse these days to deal with dumbass retail managers, incompetent HR, lazy autistic coworkers and the lobotomized herd of customers. Even as an entry level job to better things, there is nothing worthwhile about retail. It all sucks.


Incompetent as fuck
I've never had a job where I handled real or electronic money transactions. For some reason I have a fear of that level of responsibility.

- I'm a massive coward
- I have flat feet, a bad back and dysfunctional kidneys
- I have a very low tolerance for boredom
- I can't sleep in communal dorms
- I probably couldn't kill someone unless my family was in danger
- I really hate being told what to do
Have you considered the Air Force?


Big Tech loves girl dick
I could never be a politician the Feds have too much dirt on me already and I’d be blackmailed right away.

Don’t think I could do a slaughterhouse just too much blood.


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Soldier. I respect the men and women who do it, but I just know that I'd be the worst solider imaginable because of several reasons:
1. My hands are shaky as hell.
2. I'd probably have a panic attack in the field rather than any sort of daring act of heroism.
3. I'm petite and have no upper body strength. Fucking Noodle Arms McGee right here.
4. I absolutely hate public restrooms.
5. The thought of killing someone unless I absolutely had to makes my stomach churn.
6. I cry very easily when people scream at me so I feel like bootcamp would be my personal hell.
7. Seeing blood and gore makes me want to puke.

As you can see, I'd be pretty damn useless in the field. I'll stick to archaeology, please and thank you.


True & Honest Fan
Retail work and customer service. Retail work was nothing but a nightmare for me, and due to my introverted nature, I don't like dealing with people on a constant basis. I had more interest watching someone fix a scanner than actually doing my job. Customer service because I prefer being the one fixing things and not telling others how to fix it, and I'd probably blow a gasket over people constantly fucking up.


dirty man with a dirty plan
Checker at a grocery store. Not only does it scare me to speak to that many people in one day, i cant bag things for shit. also, people are fucking dick holes and treat you like shit when their mayonnaise isn't on sale for the same price as it was in the ad from 2007.


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Checker at a grocery store.
Bagger (euphemized as "courtesy clerk") is a pretty sucky job too. All they do is just stand there and bag groceries. The only relative break from the monotony is gathering carts or putting stuff back.


Warehouse fulfillment shit. I know because I tried it while I was saving up to move, and holy fucking depression. Just chipping away at an ever growing list of orders, never seeing the sun, and walking in a circle for 10 miles every single night. If they decided to hire too many temps on, they'd send everyone home and find out who sucks and needs to be fired the next day. They were about to end my contract early to hire me on full-time, and I rejected in favor of just finishing my contract and getting the fuck out of that dungeon.

Everyone I worked with was either
-Never going to show up again
-A felon
-A junkie
-A felonious junkie
-or a felonious junkie fucktard

Like, shitting on the floor and leaving shit footprints around the warehouse, standing uselessly in front of the punch-clock 20 minutes before the end of their shift, fucktarded. I would rather remove a cyst from someone's asshole with my front teeth than set foot in a warehouse ever again.
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Politics because my internet history would dq me.
There's a way to spin everything.

Off-topic - I knew a dude that claimed that "17 of 23 crazy bitches think I'm tasty", because he'd dated a bunch of crazy chicks, while we were out drinking at someones' birthday party. I told him to pick out a woman he thought was attractive, and I'd do the rest, so he vaguely waved at a blonde that I vaguely knew (I'd been a regular at the nightclub previously). I waked over and asked if she like Disney related stuff (she was clearly old enough to have watched all the fucking princess movies during their initial releases), and when she said yes, I pointed to the guy and said "Well, it's Disney down there; feel the magic", because it had been the Disneyland slogan, previously.

Anyways, he hooked up with her, she turned out to be crazy bitch 18 of 24, but he got laid, so that was a success.

On-topic - Anything that involves being a hyper-focused desk-dweller.


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Home provider and doctor
I think the people you take care of are useless to society and don't need help to live but should be put to rest because crippled, sick, old and/or extremely fat as fuck.

I never want to do retail again, it's awkward as shit and I just hate dealing with people especially stupid ones. Managers are always autistic and play favorites and you always have one that just says shit to try and make you quit.