What killed it for you?

Bob Page

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Jun 8, 2015
Command and Conquer -

I remember Red Alert being the first video game I ever bought. The cutscenes, characters, gameplay and story, all of it captivated me. I eventually got The First Decade pack for my birthday once and I was even more awestruck at how much care was put into those titles(even Generals). What killed it for me was Tiberian Twilight. Here's why:

  • Story was ass - Didn't really feel as long as it should've been, the story cutscenes looked shoddy and they didn't really explain his origins or reveal his true nature when Kane decided to GTFO from Earth. Joe Kucan and his performance as Kane was the diamond in the rough in this regard.
  • Gameplay was off - No base building, Resource collection was nixed, and the MCV's respawn which felt really weird and offputting.
  • Also, from what I've heard, the game was originally gonna be an Online Game for the pro gaming market in Asia which might've contributed to how bad it turned out.

When they announced Generals 2, I was amazed that they're looking to finally get a good C&C out. But, my :optimistic: died down after they eschewed the single player for an online only fair that had generals to purchase, which they eventually cancelled.

After all that, I stopped giving a shit about any news relating to a possible new C&C game and just resigned to playing past titles up to Red Alert 3(no, not gonna touch c&c 4). Horrible development and bad management is what killed the series for me.

Kari Kamiya

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Jan 12, 2017
I wouldn't say it killed it for me, necessarily, but Nickelodeon's horrid schedule with the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles caused me to lose interest in finishing up the last season. I probably could go watch episodes online now, but my computer's pretty crappy when it comes to streaming services that won't allow Adblock to stay on, so I just can't bring myself to go finish it. I was watching it mainly on the Firestick anyway, but it and Kodi need updating if I'm to watch any episodes that were updated after... I think June of last year.

Even so, the awful treatment is also why I'm probably not going to watch the new series whenever it goes on the air. That, and I just got so exasperated by most of the voice cast being fucking speds about their political views that I just don't want to hear their voices right now.


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Oct 11, 2016
Smallville: Going into Season 9, hot on the heels of The Dark Knight craze, they tried to emulate it in so many ways. By that point, however, the show had long overstayed its welcome and had gone in circles so many times that I was amazed that I had made it that far- twice as far as I should have, in fact. I mean, the Fortress of Solitude was constantly getting knocked down, rebuilt, knocked down and rebuilt, complementing other contrivances around every corner. That Jimmy Olsen that died? Yeah, that was not the REAL Jimmy Olsen. And, Lex Luthor? He'll be cloned back, so don't worry!

Once Upon a Time: After Season 3, I should have called it quits. Yeah, it's a cheesy, hokey show, but it had a sweetness to it. Once they got into the Frozen part, however, it was just the Frozen train and that alone. Also, the parallel stories became not-so-parallel, with Regina having to give the rousing speech about being redeemed every episode.

StarCraft II: With the Terran invasion of Char, the shark was jumped and the fridge was nuked. It came out of nowhere, it was heavy-handed and too straight forward- the quintessential Chris Metzen narrative fuck-fest. The entire game was laced with Ice Cream Koans like, "Some things are just worth fighting for..."


Dec 20, 2017
Lost. I watched the first season as it introduced all the characters and this strange world. I had so many questions.

The first episode of season two answered none of it and piled on even more characters and questions. That's when I figured out that that was the point of the show. It was purposefully designed to be just one long cocktease. They were never going to answer shit. I punched out then and there.


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Dec 28, 2014
Dexter. Just the fact it started having too many dumb developments, idiotic side plots and was going nowhere.

I checked out before the Trinity stuff, which I haven't watched, but apparently was regarded fairly well, but with how the rest of it developed, I'm glad I got out when I did.


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Feb 28, 2015
how to get away with murder

i just lost interest after the mid season finale of season 3


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
As an additional reason: the animation and coloring also went to shit in more recent times. I get it was done to cut costs but it really is cheap looking now. Just compare a modern Simpsons episode's intro to a say Season 5 episode intro to see in full detail what I'm talking about.
I still say the animation is a smidgen better than Family Guy's (as damningly faint of praise that may be). But you're right, it's pretty cheap. If anything, I'm almost 90% certain the pay for the VAs is taken from what could easilly have gone to the Koreans to put in more inbetweens in their animations. Which irks me when all the supposed "good" moments of the last two seasons (this and last) have noticeable strobing going on.

To say nothing on how terrible the humor's gotten post-HD switch. It's like they amplified all the worse aspects, like the whole "tell the audience how I feel because the animation isn't expressive enough" or "Homer is a jackass and says/does something jackassery", when they moved over to widescreen.


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Sep 8, 2016
Heroes: "He's dead but we're gonna shapeshift this guy to look like him and just pretend to be him"

The Office: Season 3 is the perfect ending to that show, fuck the rest of the willy wonka bullshit.

Your Weird Fetish

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Jan 31, 2018
A few off the top of my head

Battlestar Galactica: When it turned out Adama caused 9/11 the Cylon attack and then no one ever talked about it again. The show had been going downhill for awhile but this was the last nail in the coffin

Game of Thrones: Littlefinger teleporting around Westeros and selling Sansa to Ramsay for no reason made it clear to me that without the books to work off of the writers are idiots

Mass Effect: The ending with the huge Reaper fleet coming in from Mass Effect 2. I knew they could never write their way around that and didn't bother with ME3. Or any other Bioware game afterwards, thanks to all the press their subsequent turds made

Starcraft 2: De-infesting Kerrigan. Let's turn the interesting character into a dumb waifu with space magic. Why not.

Wheel of Time: When the pace slowed so much that the tenth(?) book actually was just a recap of the last day before the previous book but from other characters' POV

Shit I need more adult taste in media


Jul 31, 2017
Legion (Tv Show): This might be a wicked dumb reason but I enjoyed that first episode so much that I'm convinced that continuing it will hurt my opinion of it. It's self-contained enough where I can just consider it an hour long movie and be happy with what it is.

Blizzard Games: All of their story driven games are bland for maximum recycling. Diablo, Star Craft and Warcraft have all devolved into 'Remember the big bad guy from the last game? Well he's back and you have to kill him again, in his lair this time because that's the only for realz way of killing him.'


May 11, 2017
Star Wars: -
I grew up with this stuff. I hated the prequels, but it didn't kill it for me. It was the exact moment some jag from Disney thought he needed to go on twitter and say the new order or whatever it's called from the sequels was a white supremacist organization is when the entire franchise died to me. Making fun of how bad the prequels were was fun (with Red Letter Media, etc.) but the moment some jag made things totally political, and didn't get fired, that's when it was over.
The moment a neutral property says, "We don't want you!" when you did not a damn thing wrong... yeah you can be nuked for all I care.

That would be Chris Weitz & Gary Whitta.


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Dec 3, 2013
The final episode of How I Met Your Mother. Barney and Robin’s marriage that we just spent an entire season on why they work together so well gets broken up like three minutes in, turns out the mom has been dead for years, and Ted gets with Robin AGAIN because she’s his actual true love or whatever the fuck. I can’t even enjoy going back and watching the older seasons.

All because they decided to stick with a finale they wrote for the second season when they were on their tenth.

Judge Holden

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Feb 12, 2013
Doctor Who: Peter capaldi in general, the episode Day of the Moon in particular. Not only was the writing shit, peter's take on the character terrible, and the stories fucking insipid and shallow as humanly possible, but worst of all critics slavishly refused to offer even the slightest criticism of anything, giving almost every episode 9/10 or 10/10 seemingly for fear of alienating themselves from being friends with the cast and crew IRL, meaning the writers never had even vague incentive to get shit together and stop sucking even as ratings tanked to levels that made the show in danger of cancellation.

Which ties into our next entry

Star Wars: The Last Jedi just fucking killed the franchise. Any potential the original trilogy, or even The Force Awakens was gleefully squandered just for "WAT A TWEEEST!" shit that would make M Night Shyamlan wince, the characterisation of EVERYONE was butchered with Rey's mary sue shtick turned up to 11, finn turned to bumbling comic relief, poe into an idiot, and luke skywalker into a miserable half failed comic relief hobo. And rose is literally a shorter, uglier Jar Jar Binks but without the ability to entertain small children.

Worst of all this film has fucking poisoned almost any way for the setting to truly expand since the original characters are all dead and original concepts have been largely discarded, leaving any advancement on the shoulders of badly written and obnoxious replacement characters. And much like Doctor Who, the critics all fawned over it for much the same reasons, either out of fear of pissing disney off, a desperation to fit in with the kewl kid kritics, or just due to a dumbass culture war they seem obsessed with waging because "MUH DIVERSITY!" means they can write clickbait pieces on how this is the first film with asians and blacks or how all white nurds are boycotting it because they hate niggos or some shit.

Speaking of which...

Star Trek: discovery didnt do it. the interviews the main actress did in which she bragged about how she was the first female protagonist AND first black protagonist in the series' history.

I was only ever a casual star trek fan, but even I fucking know about goddamn Sisko and Janeway, so frankly I feel no reason to waste my time on a star trek series with this dumbass as the main character.

also "spock's sekrit adopted sister" is such a fucking bad-fanfiction cliche it almost sounds like a parody.