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Roman history up until after the republic falls. I think the first few emperors after augustus are interesting but after the fall of the republic my interest just falls dramatically. I just don't like hearing about an amazing influential society decay from the inside out for centuries. Yeah there are some amazing leaders that follow after this all, but they are all really just trying to hold on to, or reclaim the heights that once were. There is something really relatable about republic era rome and seeing where a lot of western ideas come from really activates my autism almonds.
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I like the history of things I'm not interested in, I probably don't know anything about it and won't seek out any information, so if I encounter a good source or a person that is willing to talk about it I'm very interested.

That's not really a tangible subject so the answer is probably folklore and things under that umbrella like superstitions. Not the big things either, beliefs like throwing salt over one's shoulder, breaking a mirror, a lot of cryptids or bäckahästen is widely known and documented, they are and will continue to be remembered. It's the small things that gets forgotten, the very local critters, curses and superstitions or alternate variants of established folklore, the "see that big rock over there?" type of things or the local paths of the unseen.
No one bothers with those so I try to collect them whenever I get the chance.


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Been reading a lot about the Cold War, specifically Britain's role in front line defense. A lot of people don't realize that the first nuclear weapons ever deployed at readiness were stored at a shitty little RAF base not far from my house. Well the Russians realized and the first part of their plan in the event of a nuclear confrontation wasn't to bomb Washington or London, it was to turn my home county into a smoking crater in the hopes it would damage the UK and US ability to respond. Then ICBMs came along and the SIOP was changed but the Russians decided that turning East Anglia into a fucking Fallout game would still be the right thing to do.
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Im of the opinion that sperging out is only necessary during ww2 but hate how ww2 is portrayed in movies and shit its always like 3 american soldiers vs 500 krauts or japs and the Americans are like tell my family I did it for America "RRAAAAAAAAAA" boom they die a heroic american death. and germans and japs are like punching bags for the allies evenn though thats not how it was in reality.
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-Royalty, especially the Romanovs.
-Great disasters
-Fashion history (I'm a huge vintage fashion freak. I'd love to have the money to be one of those spergs who sew period costumes. I freely confess that, and if you don't like it, bite me)

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Medieval and ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese history.


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Always loved ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek history. I know a fair bit about Middle Ages too. Playing Nioh also made me want to look into Japan's history and turned me into a Japan history sperg.
What I love the most is to read about the ancient stories and myths these different cultures entertained. I'm a sucker for shit like The Song of Roland.


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I'm in love with the Republic of Rome, until the death of Octavian. After his death, the "Idea of Rome" seemed to vanish from the minds of their people.
In my opinion, it's partly due to how large it was. The following reasons are why I tend to lean in this direction:
When the Legions took a new area, the people who lived their were mostly allowed to continue on in the way they lived. The local leaders, chiefs, strongmen, or any other representative, that wasn't openly hostile, were able to keep their positions. They were put in charge of collecting taxes and levying troops. It's when they took up arms or were found to be working/planning against Roman interest, they would be removed and executed and often have huge chucks of their people wiped out.
I think after a short period of time, when the area was compliant enough, after the legions came, they gained citizenship. It was granted to everyone at once and made into an official province. Sounds cool right? Well yes and no...
Yes because now you have a common set of laws, currency, language (over time), and infrastructure. Back then I could walk from Egypt all the way to Northern France. With one type of money, on paved roads, mostly safe roads, and places of rest and posts for trading goods along the way. I could talk to other people and learn about local history and customs in the Latin language. Many other things may be listed, but Im going to move on.
The negative aspect to the citizenship problem is that, you give an identity to a people who have absolutely no ties or connection to the Roman mindset whatsoever. Besides their interactions with the Legions, which often wasn't the best due to warfare and things of that nature. Having Roman goods like wine, textiles, luxury items, in your daily life if you could afford them was another. But to expect these people to care personally about the interest of some far away governing body, is kinda delusional to me. How would we feel, if upon waking up, we find out we are now Russian citizens? You probably wouldn't care unless it dramatically impacted your life. You 'd continue on with your life. This undermines so much, from Legion recruitment, to trade, to boarder security, customs, and even religious unrest as in the case of the province of Judea.
You wouldn't feel the need to "die for the Glory of Rome" if you still felt like a Galacian, or Thracian. This led to the quality of the Army being eroded quickly in terms of arms, tactics, and motivations. So to counter that, the use of mercenaries became the norm. and having foreign armed men fight for money as their priority, didn't help internal struggles at all. Auxiliary units aren't going to hold the line if it means they cant spend the money they just acquired thru years of hardship and blood. Bloody cowards lol but This list also goes on and on as well.
I'll finish up with this: the mindset of the Roman people themselves. Over time, as all the wealth came flooding back into the city, the souls' of the people seem to just...decay. The people just became so dead inside, in my view. They became fat and spoiled, and yes I do see modern parallels.
They only paid taxes twice a year, after an annual amount was reach. The law's of Bread and Circus did even more to their spirits, then an invading enemy army could, in my opinion. They lost the Will to achieve anything of greatness, unlike their ancestors. And the use of slaves made work impossible for a normal person to find and even led directly to Julius Caesar's rise to Dictator. They existed to seek after sense pleasures. Drunkenness, and getting high, Eating anything to be different or viewed as "edgy" or "better than so-and-so". Sexual deviancy destroyed the family unit in a time where your life expectancy was around 35. Homosexuality was rampant, and cheating on your spouse was so common even in Augustus's life, that he passed several laws against these practices, and laws rewarding couples who had more than 3 children, stayed loyal, and really tried to maintain the Roman household. He even exiled his own daughter because she wouldn't stop fucking and having orgies. Shameful tramp....how often do we see this shit nowadays? Anyways,
This is long as fuck so I'll cut it off here. Hopefully you enjoy it and can take a little something away from it.
Have a Great day S.P.Q.R. Invictus!!!
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All of rome, from foundation to the last siege of Constantinople. the three kingdoms period of china, world war one and two. and the sengoku jidai.
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