What kind of youtuber would the user above you be? -


Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
You're the Angry Boob Game Nerd.
You try out various slag's boobs and complain when you get chicks with implants, those with nipples pointing down, control schemes, poor graphics / aesthetics, heavy veins, stretched out nipples, burn out looking nips, poor tans and color schemes along with terrible endings, Engrish from foreign chicks with bad honkers and all that stuff.
There will be freeware games produced in your honor with accompanying mouse pad of a huge set of luscious silicone jugs you can bat around.
I'll be your Mike Matei. My wand is big enough and I'm the true boob gamer behind the scenes. The channel Flattymassacre won't get bought out by big fat guys and you won't marry a severe looking cunt wife that will ruin things.
Children will look up to us.
[/paragraphs over]


Discount Skallagrim-clone channel focusing exclusively on cutlery that should only ever be mounted on a wall as decoration.