What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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Back in like 2008 or 2009-ish I discovered what ED was and browsed it religiously and eventually frequented the old ED forums. There I found out who CWC was (they had a dedicated subforum and everything), eventually found the CWCki and by proxy the old CWCki forums which I would lurk in from time to time.

Man now I'm remembering how much of a horrible we3n I was back then, Jesus Christ (I was one of those 14-year-olds who devised elaborate trolling plans for Chris, thankfully I never acted on them).

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I must've been aware of this place at some point (probably through the CWCki or some such) since "Kiwi Farms" rang a few bells when I was given the link to Purplekecleon's thread, but it was PK's thread that made me sign up and sperg out about my own encounter with her.


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Femalegoodra. Someone I follow on tumblr got an ask from one of the successor blogs and then got linked to the thread, and I read it too. But I think I signed up later than that thread.


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Found out about OPL after Cracked mentioned him in an article. After a couple hours reading the CWCki, I registered here.

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I originally found the CWCki forums in 2013 after having become interested in DSP. I lurked the thread here for a while, but left afterwards when I got disinterested. I tried to create an account, but didn't know what the hell a lolcow was, or whom they were and wasn't sure who that strange autistic loser in the logo was.

Then in May last year I discovered OPL through a dramatic reading of Sonichu on youtube. I fell in love with the guy and his antics as I watched hour after hour of golden age OPL and reading the CWCki. I then joined the forum and only learnt a few months later that it was in fact the old CWCki forums.

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I came for CWC and stayed for Jace(and currently ADF).
Although I never stopped being interested in Chris and the mountain of hilarity that is the CWCki.


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Chris, originally. Then I more or less stopped posting for awhile, but came back for Wu.