What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


Why are you running?
Randy Stair.

Rest in pizza, she lived in a sociaty. (:_(


Much love for her and the relatives of the victims.


Shouldn't Be Trusted, Persian Descent
Schofield was the first thread I viewed on here.

Still upset by it all, Null's site makes me wanna an hero myself haha
The Something Awful Let's Players thread was the first thread I viewed and got me vaguely interested in the farms mostly to keep track of a couple cows. It was Null's live streams and the cows they introduced me to that made me a dedicated lurker though.

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Chris made me aware of the old forums, but I didn't start posting until cooldudeclem got his own thread and made a video about it. The latter doesn't really get up to much anymore.

School of Fish

Like a lot of people here, pretty much Chris-Chan is what got me interested in Kiwi Farms in the first place.
It's only recently as I write this that I even bothered to create an account and comment here and I really enjoy interacting with the community here and it's a lot of fun so far.


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i remember coming across kiwifarms and browsing a few times years ago but i fully forgot what cow/topic it was because of, might have been something off tumblr. but the cow that actually got me to register was sargon of akkad when his slapfights with metokur were taking place.


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Reneeisdetermined is the one I initially found this site from, since she used to constantly expose screenshots of the website and I got really curious. Her thread hasn't had many updates though lately since she's been less of a lolcow.


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mostly lolcows from deviantart and other art websites, there's a lot of them to name in one post.


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Whitney Wisconsin, mostly to post a video (and some info) about her.



The first time I ever heard of the farms was (no joke) through a Mundane Matt video.

My inclination to actually create an account was the beginning of the gunt downfall.


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valgeristik and browsdraws wins the "ugly art" award
I had to make an account because holy shit

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I got linked here from the cwcki, that I got linked to by Fredrik Knudsen and spent several months diving. Then I lurked for like another 6 months and joined just because I wanted to post some fanart.
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I've been here for a while, in lurker mode on various topics.

What made me create an account was KickVic stuff. From research Vic seems to be a very nice man and they appear to be just destroying him in standard SJW clown world ways.
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CWC was how I first heard about this place. And I first heard about Chris while watching Oneyplays. But it was well past the golden years.

What kept my attention long enough to get hooked was a combination of Len Shaner and Spoony.
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Chris. Only discovered him about a year ago when my brother showed me his "For My Sweetest Ivy" video. Fell down the rabbit hole pretty quick, and the Farms were/are the best way of keeping updated.


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Johnathan Ross, I was shocked at how individuals like him could exist, and it only got worse.

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I really didn't care for kiwifarms that much until the whole Kero the wolf situation occurred. That's when I signed in.

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