What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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I'm very new to the farms, but a combination of wanting to keep up with Russ Greer and the whole shitstorm that is #Kickvic got me to join.
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I found it through Jim, but I joined because the cringy ass communities like ddlg which just about made me die.

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For me, it was Amberlynn Reid and Chris.
I came here to lurk in 2016 but I officially made my account in 2018.

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Have known about the farms for a long time, and have been a lolcow orbiter (Chris Chan mostly) via ED and the cwcki. for a long time now. It was the recent live streams, starting with Shmorky, I think, that brought me into the fold.


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I was researching blocklists on Twitter to find out who was behind them, KF had a lot of good information on who started this trend. I also read the threads about Youtube e-celebs. Knew two or three things about a particular e-celeb, shared some of what I knew in their thread, started reading and contributing to other threads, stuck around for the lulz because folks here have a good sense of humour here about the insanity of the world we live in.


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It was less that a specific tard brought me the Farms, moreso that every tard eventually led back here. It's like the Library of Alexandria for autism.

The lolcow I finally joined for was @Null, because his livestreams slowed down and I needed something to tide me urrverr ;)
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Onision. Followed his drama for a long time on tumblr, found out this place, then lurked for like one or two years.

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I had seen the farms a few times trying to figure out what was going on with ADF. Jonathan Yaniv was the one that made me create an account. I did go on a Rachel McKinnon kick but he only has one response to anything. Of all these clowns the PhD is the biggest bore.
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Originally joined when the r/illnessfakers thread was murdered. Loosely followed Chronically Jaquie's doctor shopping munchie antics (RIP), until I got onto the Amberlynn train.

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I was brought here by the weebwars - lurked in the weebwars thread for a month or two after Nick first mentioned the farms then decided to make an account to comment.

Not sure if I'l branch out and comment on anything else, I've now read a few non-weebwar threads but not yet found any I think I have anything worth saying about.

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