What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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AnimatedJames, after his meltdown. Wanted to see what was up. That`s how I learned of the Farms.
Forgot about it for a while, then came the Zoosadist Leaks and Null‘s streams. Then I started lurking more to see the horrors of various communites. I‘ve always been interested in the worst of the worst, and they certainly count.
I joined for Maddox, Lily/Jerry Peet, Digibro, and wierd, obscure communities that have absolute loons. And I‘m having a good time so far.
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I think I originally found the Lindsey Amer thread when I was searching to figure out why the hell no one else seemed to have noticed how fucking creepy and pedo-y her whole routine is. Then I found a bunch of other cows I knew of and followed a bunch of threads and branched out from there.


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I originally made an account to sporadically post about Jerry Peet and that would’ve been it. I ended up staying after I found the Enter thread through a passing mention of it in his “Cyberstalking” video, and after the Arin Hanson threads were created.

Since then I’ve branched out to other threads and subforums, simply because I liked the discussion here better than anywhere else.
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CWC was definitely the main thing that brought me here, although other people like Ross, DSP, Sophie Labelle, and Lilly Peet made me stay.

Subcultures and groups like the Furry Community, Kekistanfags, Bronies, and Skeptics also contributed.

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I joined in early 2017, right after the site came back up following a brief shutdown.

I had been lurking regularly years before then and I started lurking back in late 2013-early 2014, mostly focused on Jace and Chris.

I mean, if we want to get technical about it, Jack Chick was the very first lolcow whose antics and idiotic rants I followed regularly on the internet, but I guess the first "true" lolcow I became aware of was CWC around late 2010 or early 2011, right as organized trolling was winding down.

IIRC, I think I discovered him at random on YouTube and from there, I did some more research and would lurk places the CWCki and ED and occasionally glance at the CWCki Forums and the different iterations of /cow/ from time to time. There I discovered a whole "community" of people who liked laughing at lolcows.

Of course, I was lurking and observing right around the time Chris went through his notorious dry spell and everyone was convinced he was done for good.

It didn't help that /cow/ at the time had this really weird board culture that is still there but was somehow worse back then because GamerGate had not happened yet and the culture wars nonsense hadn't really taken root.

So the overall atmosphere at /cow/ was some weird combination of unironic A-Logging directed at whoever the flavor-of-the-month lolcows were at the time (the most repeat targets were usually ADF, Pixyteri, or Robert Wayne Stiles) and this weird "Mean Girls" type of nonsense that in many ways was a sort of precursor to the virtue signalling and purity tests seen by SJW's (and the unironic Alt-Right types on /pol/ to a slightly lesser extent)

Like there would be extensive threads on /cow/ back in the 789chan and 888chan days about what kind of hobbies and fandoms were acceptable on /cow/ and which ones were "autistic" (Ironic, isn't it?)

Those threads were excruciatingly cringe-inducing and they always boiled down to "liking things is for spergs" although the most basic bitch mainstream stuff like the NFL or Law & Order were sometimes given a pass, which was weird in retrospect thanks to Colin Kapernick and the infamous GamerGate episode of SVU.

Thankfully that type of hardline bullshit died out for good when /cow/ moved to 8chan.

Of course, the anonymous nature of the boards allows the toxic culture to survive and their weird A-Logging directed at the Farms is still very much alive and well

And then Jace hit the scene and I began lurking the CWCki Forums more often...

Jace was a truly entertaining lolcow and a breath of fresh air, and even though it was all a hoax and Jace turned out to be completely fictional in the end, it was good enough that I lurked the Farms and never really went back to regularly lurking /cow/ or Encyclopedia Dramatica.

I'd say Jack Chick was my first lolcow
Chris was the first lolcow that introduced me to the "lolcow community" as a whole
Jace was the lolcow that would eventually make me a Kiwi


Even now he's butthurt that people are crapping on his precious idol. Brie Larson, in Captain Marvel AND real life, is a snake-oil selling obnoxious femtard who's antagonistic to straight white males for basically whatever they don't do. That's why the red eyes are on her. And the sooner Ben and other Captain Marvel bots realize this, the better off they and everyone around them will be.
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Through r/Drama and Alex Vidal/crayonization

Extremely happy I found this place 🥰