What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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Melanie Herring, or excuse me, Ash Hazel Woods. I'd heard of her in passing and when I had checked up on her shit comic, it was in a huge period of hiatus. The first thing to come up when I went searching for answers was her thread. Good shit.

Rick Pratt

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I first heard of Kiwi Farms when I was researching about Einshine and then I found the benthelooney article after that

Lynera Skalbi

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Tearzah. My friends and I were making fun of her, and I googled her user and the kiwifarms thread popped up as a result.

Bungus Scrungus

I found it via...a bunch of means I honestly forget, but the most prominent was obviously Chris-Chan. Lurked for a while, then made an account. That's my story.


After reading the term "gamer gate", I wanted to know what it meant.

This brought me to Rebbeca Hernandez's topic.

But very quickly I got dragged into the Weeb Wars/Vic Mignogna story, and I discovered horrified that the same small band of 50-100 "rat kings" is responsible for almost all dramas and harassment.
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I Googled for more information about Yandere simulator and found this forum. Stayed for the other cows.


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I originally became aware of the Farms through a thread on Facepunch about the CWC blarms incident.

What finally made me join the Farms was the current events sidebar on the cwcki getting removed since I was obsessed with keeping up to date with Chris so I started lurking until I felt the need to reply to someone and joined especially after I got banned from facepunch for being too Texan.

Now 6 months later I don't even care about Chris anymore and I don't think I've even glanced at his subforum in 3 months.

Also my first day here I got a featured thread through A&H.

Also kiwifarms saved me from my addiction to /pol/
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I saw a link here somewhere in the ED forums but i didn't join until the YandereDev drama popped up.
Therefore, YandereDev.
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war has changed

First came here way back in November 2018, when DSP's "soulmaid" saga had first begun. I lurked when MysteryWoman showed up, and it took a while to take the final step.
Taylor Pickens was the only other cow I followed around that time.

Julia Fortune

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I posted on /cow/ for a while, but it's fucking awful and 8chan in general pisses me off by how far downhill it's gone. I've listen to Josh's feeder streams since not long after he started, so I knew about the place, but I just lurked without an account for about half a year, until I made an account yesterday.

DK 699

Well I've been very interested in Chris for some time, but what pushed me over the edge and got me to make an account was the Weeb Wars stuff. The weird thing is that I now spend most of my time on other threads.

Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that once...it was alright I guess.
I first heard of the site during the Ross/Jim stream when Ross was asking Jim why he wasn’t going after Null because of the pedo allegations. I can’t remember what made me finally sign up but I don’t think it matters anymore. I’m having fun with you weirdos.


That one thread about the reddit trans community a couple years ago, been lurking ever since.


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I think It was chris-chan.As retarded as he is,he even inspired me to draw.


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I think I recall I came here because of YandereDev. I never cared for the game, but wondered what took him so long to make any progress. So, I did some searching and I ended up here. Years later I'm now a user.


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A whole fuckin bunch of them. Glitchedpuppet and the Floraverse crew were the ones who got me checking regularly though.

JM 590

The Dick Show, since Null started making appearances.