What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

Julia Fortune

Very Real Online Girl
Ethan Ralph is what inspired me to make an account. Kay's cooking hooked me on Null's Youtube shit so I found the Farms through him.

(I posted on this thread before but didn't really answer the question)


Red Apple yumyum
knew of the site for years but never bothered making an account. it was the new zealand shooting, projared and mumkey jones stuff that finally pushed me to post here.

Anti Fanta

I think it was the Nick Bate saga that led to me lurking here rather than just dropping in to casually observe drama when a link was posted elsewhere. Thank god that sick fuck got locked up. I feel a bit queasy just thinking about him.


I lurked on and off for a bit for a year, I'm originally from /cow/. I noticed a few people I talked to personally actually had threads on here like Seattle4Truth and Endomorphosis. To somewhat of a less extent Coach Red Pill but only talked with him 4 times.

The Pink Panther

Pinky "Quartz" Universe
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Mr. Enter and Nostalgia Critic's clan of cronies.

Can't believe I used to find them reputable back in my days of young.

Agoraphobic Bullshit

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I'd known of Russell Greer and Lucas Werner from various social media and wanted to see if those two sex pests had any other discussions about them, and I tripped and fell into this bucket of autism.

I've never felt more at home. :heart-full:
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Feline Supremacist

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I lurked the CWCki and KF for years so you could say Chris Chan but it was the response to the NZ cop dox request that made me join


lifetime n-word pass
Lindsay Souvannavath I got really into the case and her background and the farms had all the info so i made a acc even tho everyone recommends not to bc appearently this site is trash
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It's just pretend
CWC got me here but stayed for all the other lullcows which I did not know they were just as entertaining as cwc or more so

Dave Meltzer

Allen Eric Carlson. Free AEC. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/free_aec-allan-eric-carlson.15733/
He was a Phillies fan I used to read on usenet around 2004. White supremacist and obsessed Phillies fan. He was a decent writer though and not without a sense of humor. His obsession ended up getting him sent to jail.

Disgruntled Phillies Fan/Spammer Sent to Prison for Four Years
United States Attorney Patrick L. Meehan today announced that the Hon. Berle A. Schiller imposed a sentence of four years imprisonment on Allan Eric Carlson. Carlson had been convicted of 79 counts of computer fraud and identity fraud. Carlson was a dissatisfied Philadelphia Phillies fan and to convey his dissatisfaction to the world, hacked into computers belonging to many individuals and from them launched hundreds of thousands of spam e-mails complaining about the Phillies. When he launched these e-mails, he faked, or "spoofed," the "From" line of the e-mail, using the e-mail addresses of writers at the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He also used e-mail addresses belonging to the Philadelphia Phillies and writers at The Sporting News, Fox Sports, ESPN, and officials at Knight Ridder, the parent company of the Inquirer and Daily News. This made it appear as if the e-mails had come from these writers.

The testimony at the trial showed that because many of the e-mail addresses that Carlson sent his messages to were no longer valid, tens of thousands of e-mails were "returned" to the e-mail boxes of the persons whose addresses were spoofed.

I'm not surprised his thread didn't take off since his message is so redundant. I was surprised to find a thread about him somewhere and was pretty perplexed by the existence of this message board for tracking weirdos. Browsed through it though and found some entertaining threads like Mike Yevtuck the Hell's Angels sperg and just kept reading.